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Blogging is a great opportunity to share your thoughts, express your opinion and realize your ideas in social media marketing. It’s OK if you are running the blog just for your family or friends who are the only visitors, but if you want to reach new heights and promote your blog to the top you need to have a lot of social shares. In this way, you will be able to expand the audience, increase the traffic and make your blog popular. Now we would like to present you a couple of efficient ways of how to get more shares on your blog posts.

High-quality content marketing and good SEO

   One of the key aspects of the successful blog is a quality trending content. You must agree, the more interesting and actual the text is, the more visitors will appreciate it. It would be extra cool if you will find the topic which is on everyone’s lips but represented in a different unusual manner so it could become eye-catching and excelling. Also, you might able to describe a hack which you’ve never met on the internet. It will definitely arouse an ardent interest among your visitors so they won’t resist to share it on their social networks.

   Another important moment is SEO accordance which means that your text will be unique and well optimized for search engines. Find appropriate keywords (for example with Serpstat) and improve your search ranking. It will help you to expand the traffic and, consequently, to get more social shares.

Make your blog posts easy to share

   how blog helps in marketing

If you want to force your visitors share your content it’s probably reasonable to ease this process by tuning social share plugins. First of all, try to make sure that all share buttons are prominent and fast loading. Your visitors won’t be happy if they will not able to find the way they could share your post. For this purpose you can increase the size of buttons or make them contrasting with the background or even write a phrase above that will be calling to action.

Contrive the contest

   A wonderful method of increasing the number of social shares is to announce a contest which can bring some valuable prizes for those who will share your post. Find a sponsor who will provide the encouragements and reward the most active “content-sharing” users or use a randomizer to find the winners.

Invite the influencers to promote your blog

   By inviting the influencers to participate in your blog promotion (both directly and indirectly) you can make a good progress. For example, you can invite popular bloggers or experts to participate. First thing first you should find out what influencers will cooperate and it’s desirable to have a mutual niche with them. It would be very efficient if you could do an interview but even if you will just ask them for a quote it will be also profitable for shares number.

Don’t forget about visual design

   A lot of text can be pretty boring for the readers so try to dilute it and add some interesting corresponding pictures, disclose the essence of the problem and illustrate the most important aspects. Try to find conspicuous pictures in good quality but don’t forget to optimize them for the blog!

Use click-to-tweet plugin

  what twitter is used for

Many of your visitors probably use Twitter, so make it easy for them to share your posts or snippets. In this way, the post or the most interesting parts of the text become easy to share in one click. For this purpose, you can use Twitter Button plugin which will help you to do this and provide some other cool features for website owners.

Do not ignore Email marketing

   Communication with your audience plays a crucial role in blog promotion because if you care about your visitor they will be very grateful. Send personalized Emails every time you publish a new post so they could constantly keep the track of events. That can bring you more traffic and, consequently, more shares.

Be friendly with other bloggers

   If you have good relationships with the bloggers they can mention you in their posts or give an important advice on how to promote your blog faster. Also, you can share their content so the next time they might share yours in gratitude. The opinion of popular bloggers has a great value among their audience so if they will see shared posts of yours the can follow your blog too and eventually share your content.


   WordPress blog promotion is not a trivial matter so you have to approach it with all seriousness and make your audience fall in love with your content so you could be sure they will share it in their social networks. You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of social shares because they are one of the most efficient “helpmates” that can push your blog forward. Using the tips given above you’ll be able to attract more interest, conquer the loyal audience and achieve success.

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