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Security issues become a real topic in modern technological world. Hacker attacks, hidden vulnerabilities, inattention or incompetence in the questions of information security may cause a serious damage. ECommerce is especially assailable. Every breach in that sphere of the economy can lead to issues with transactions or even to a severe cash loss. That’s why the question of eCommerce security is so important. This article is designed to find out if WordPress is safe for eCommerce or not.

First of all, WordPress is very popular and trusted by millions. At such level, having a great security becomes a matter of prestige more than the real necessity. None of the widespread products can afford to be vulnerable to hacker attacks or safety breaches. WordPress is continuously evolving its protective measures from update to update. Developers close old gaps and discover the new ones in a timely manner.

The second point is that the latest versions of WordPress run under PHP 7. Modern versions of this script language use more progressive and reliable protection techniques.

WordPress supports lots of security plugins, e.g. Wordfence Security. This plugin improves the safety of your website, helps to monitor for any dangers and discovers possible hacking attempts or even the ongoing attacks.

Furthermore, modern WordPress can use fairly reliable and improved security methods like SSL certificate and secure payment gateway integration. These techniques are quite efficient ways to improve overall security level.

Every defence can be hacked. Perfect protection just doesn’t exist. It is sad, but true. Nevertheless, you can always reduce the chance of such unpleasant events by using popular and well-trusted products. It’s all up to you.

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