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Reviews on your site is a great way to help your visitors to make some decision (like purchase, for example) and get feedbacks from your customers. So, on the one hand, placing little stars on your pages is a simple way to affect sales & traffic growing, and a great opportunity to improve all the gaps immediately on the other one.

Rating is a user-friendly plugin which allows placing ratings on your WordPress websites, widgets, pages & posts.

The plugin has a flexible and convenient settings allowing to select where to put rating, its position, appearance, etc. Configure it in accordance with your needs to make it fit your site perfectly.

Apart from this, here are some recommendations on using ratings on the site:

Avoid Cheating

It is very important if you want to earn trust and respect of your audience. Of course, no one wants to have bad reviews, but take a look at it from the other side: any criticism can be helpful in content/products improvement. With getting better, you also show that you’re really interested in customers opinions.

Keep It Simple

Like it or not, but when users leave a review, it can be considered as a favor since it is you the one who needs them. So try to make the procedure as simple and convenient as possible.

Don’t Push

Asking people to leave a review, try to understand when a polite request becomes an obtrusiveness. No need in dozens pop up windows, annoying messages and banners, otherwise, you’re risking to receive a lot of reviews which you won’t like.

Add ratings on your site, don’t miss an opportunity to build relationships with your audience, increase sales, and improve your business!

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