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If you need to send a bunch of letters to different users every day or do a mass mailing for a certain period of time, the Sender PRO plugin is exactly what you need. It is quite simple and very useful. Sender PRO allows to send mails to all users or to particular categories of users. Also, you can use wordpress functions as well as the php functions such as sending emails or send an email through the SMTP server.

Things You Need To Know About Sender Pro

This plugin contains minimum superfluous details with maximum functionality. All you need is to install it and click “activate”. As soon as you’ve uploaded the plugin, you will see it in the menu. Click “Activate” to launch. That is all, the plugin is ready.

Sender PRO is easy to setup, configure and customize. It will start working right away as soon you customize it in the Settings tab and click “Save changes”. All settings are simple in using, understandable and require minimum efforts.

Send emails to all users or to certain categories of users

Choose the needed category with one click. Depending on your choice, letters will be sent to certain categories of users or to all users signed on your website. It is very comfortable if you have several groups of users with different interests.

Categories of users to which your letters will be sent.

Use the php functions to send letters

To organize your newsletter sending, you can use WordPress functions as well as the php functions such as sending emails or send an email through the SMTP server. Just click on “Additional options” submenu and choose the needed way.

Mass mailing for a certain period of time

Sender PRO will start sending letters right away as soon as you create the first mailout. Pick an interval for sending letters, number of messages sent at the same time (with maximum of 120 per hour) as well as the number of attempts. If the first attempt fails, the plugin will try again so a very maximum of users will receive your newsletter.

Sender Pro options to specify interval for sending mail and the quantity of messages sent at once.

The following features are available in PRO version of the Sender plugin:

Templates for letters

Sender PRO allows you to create and save templates for letters. It is useful when you have different variations of letters to send. The Plugin will store all your Templates in the database so you can easily use or edit any of them. Just go to “Letters Templates” menu on the right and pick a template you need. Also, see a number of additional fonts you can use in your letter.

Use visual editor TinyMce to edit messages

Sender PRO provides the ability to use TinyMce visual editor which allows you to edit letter. It has a number of useful buttons which are aimed to make the letter editing process as simple as possible. Moreover, you can include the image or audio files to your letter.

Set mailing priority

With the help of the priority function, you can customize the priority of a newsletter. Set a high priority mailings as well as low priority for those letters which can wait. Just choose the value of priority from 10 to 100. Also, you can create new priorities as well as to edit the existing ones.

Organize your mailing lists

Sender PRO plugin allows you to create and manage your mailing lists. All you need is in a small and comfortable window. Only a few clicks and the plugin is ready. Just do not forget to click “Save changes”.

Sender Pro “List of Subscribers” page on which you can specify users to be included to the mailing list

Detailed User Guide and FAQs

All Sender Pro users have an access to detailed User Guide instruction. Just click on the User Guide tab in the Sender Pro settings page.

Sender Pro

Sender Pro User Guide instruction

Also, see a plugins FAQ page where you can find an answer to common questions. Just click on FAQ tab in the Sender Pro settings page.

Top-priority support

That is not all. Sender PRO plugin users get answer from our friendly customer support primarily and within one business day. Just click on “Support Forums” in left corner menu.

That is practically all you should know about Sender PRO. It is simple to use and to customize so even a child could handle it. Sender PRO is a great solution if you want to promote your business or just to stay in touch with other people.

Get Sender Pro here: https://bestwebsoft.com/products/wordpress/plugins/sender/.

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