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How do you think, what will happen if someone visits your site but finds it inconvenient and unhandy? Most likely, that he will close the tab and search for something similar service (read – your competitors). In case of websites, great UX is the aggregate of simple interactions, relevant content, design, etc. So, it is important to keep the website up to date, because positive UX is really important for conversion.

Here are tips that you can try by yourself without special skills:

Make more room.

Leaving white spaces around headlines, text, buttons, increases users’ attention exponentially. Accordingly, they focus on one main thing, instead of being distracted by other elements of your site.

Add custom search.

Make sure your visitors have an access to all the necessary information. Custom Search is a tool which allows adding taxonomies and custom post types to search results on your WordPress site. This way, it helps your visitors find the relevant info with no problems.

Expand language capabilities.

If your website receives a lot of traffic from other countries, it makes sense to provide information in languages of your potential visitors. It also can improve website’s ranking and visibility, as well as make your brand more recognizable.

If you know languages, you can translate your site by yourself using Multilanguage WordPress plugin. With its help, it is easy to add translated content to pages, posts, widgets, menus, taxonomies, custom post types, etc.

Check page speed.

One of the most annoying things for users is waiting for a page to load. If you don’t want to lose your visitors due to this reason, test the speed of pages loading. If there are some delays, try to detect the reason, and fix the problem. The most common causes:

  • Too many scripts added to the header;
  • Slow internet connection;
  • Your provider has some issues.

Add hyperlinks.

When adding hyperlinks to your content, it means you’d like the user to click on it. So, make sure users can identify these links, invite the attention using different text color, for example. Also, when inserting a link to your text, set its opening in a new tab. So even if user clicks on the link, your page is still in the browser, and the probability that he will back on the page is higher.

All these steps are simple, inexpensive, but really effective. You’ll see that providing a great experience will lead to better sales sooner than you can imagine. So, improve website UX today to receive positive results tomorrow!

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