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The harsh reality of our time is that a small business can be easily lost compared to the real “giants” in a particular market share. Usually, small companies don’t have overwhelming funds for aggressive promotion and a team of marketing specialists. This situation can be entirely fair but still unfortunate for small brands.

Nowadays, the web can help every small setup to solve this trouble. The idea is to develop and marketize an outstanding, unique website for the startup or a fresh business. In this way, it can be promoted not only on the streets but also on the Internet and social media. So, this approach doubles the chance your company will be noticed among thousands of competitors. 

Unfortunately, websites are experiencing similar problems as ordinary physical businesses. It’s vital to promote your online product so that it does not disappear in the entirety of similar clones. Things will be more convenient if you use WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) for your product.

You can use its structure and a wide range of functional plugins to adequately fit the website to any business sphere. As a result, this CMS becomes one of the best options to use if you want to create a popular site for your brand.

So, let’s take a closer look at 5 strategies you may use to market your WordPress website and help your small business to defend its right to prosperity.

Take Care About Your SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a thing that makes your site truly popular. This kind of optimization helps users to find your website and search engines to crawl it correctly.

Use tags for image optimization, so that your website’s images are easily accessible from the organic search results. You can also you specific plugins to automate this task.

Create a sitemap so that the search engine won’t miss any essential pages during website crawling. It can be achieved by using popular plugins like Google Sitemap.

The term SEO techniques itself covers a wide range of possible actions, which can be a time and resource-consuming task for a small company. This doesn’t mean that you should give up improving SEO for your website.

You can implement basic features yourself, and your product will be more accessible for a broader range of users. You can always implement other features later when you strengthen your brand identity.

Use Testimonials and Boost Your Website’s Demand

Post feedback from your customers on your landing or main page so that each new visitor can read live reviews about your company. You can also collaborate with popular bloggers and ask them to make a review of your product.

Remember that you should upload only live testimonials from existing customers or clients. Don’t post fake feedbacks – it will only harm your reputation.

Do not offer rewards for writing positive reviews. Be honest with your community, stay in touch with your customers, post live original reviews on your website, and you’ll win more than just paid positive but yet false opinion.

Start Affiliate Program

Affiliation is a legitimate way to promote your website. In this way, you reward your users or affiliates for advertising your company. This approach brings profits to all sides. You’ll get more promotion and inspire your client to participate actively in the brand’s events. Clients will get pleasant bonuses for a few simple actions and their loyalty to your brand.

Referral programs usually do not require any additional actions, besides inviting new members. WordPress offers excellent free plugins like Affiliates to easily integrate this system into your website and start new campaigns in a few clicks.

The right conception and thoughtful implementation of affiliation or partner referral program can boost your site better than the traditional promotion methods but at a lower cost.

Create a Landing Page

Small business usually doesn’t require huge websites with dozens of pages and functionality. Instead, consider using a simple landing page that will work as an additional promo to your company or a product.


At this point, you may want to create a brief review of your services, so users can find a desirable object in a couple of simple clicks. It’s great for generating positive UX (User Experience) because users don’t need to search a bunch of information and webpages to reach the requested topic or check out a specific product. 

Request a Quote for Landing Page

Considering all provided recommendations and content, we designed web pages following modern design techniques and trends.

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