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Are you looking for the best WordPress donation plugins?

Collecting donations online is a very effective way to raise funds for non-profit, charitable, charitable, and special organizations. In this article, we’ll share the best WordPress donation and fundraising plugins to help you easily collect one-time donations as well as recurring donations using PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce, other credit card processors, and even cryptocurrency. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’re going to cover. If you want to know the main benefits of each WordPress donation plugin, read on.

  1. GiveWP – Donation Plugin and Fundraising Platform
  2. Charitable – Donation Plugin by WP Charitable
  3. PayPal Donations by Scott Paterson
  4. Seamless Donations by David Gewirtz
  5. Donate by BestWebSoft

1. GiveWP – Donation Plugin and Fundraising Platform

It is sometimes difficult to pick favorites, but in the world of WordPress donation plugins, this is not at all the case. The GiveWP Donation plugin is far ahead of the rest in terms of price, beauty, functionality, and add-ons. The plugin makes money on the freemium model, but none of the add-ons is forced upon you. In fact, most nonprofits and charities will be fine using the default donation form without any add-ons. Forms are better than most of the other plugins on the list and don’t need much customization.

The free WordPress donation plugin includes user-friendly donation forms, full-featured reporting, full donor management, and the ability to integrate with any of your favorite themes or page builders. As I said earlier, most organizations don’t need this anymore. However, you can consider one of the add-on packages (from $ 15 per month) or pay for add-ons individually.

Regardless of your payment setup, here are some of the add-ons you can choose from:

  • Recurring donations
  • Form field manager
  • Fee recovery
  • Tributes
  • PDF receipts
  • Multiple payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.net Google Analytics donation tracking
  • Zapier
  • Manual donations
  • Many more

Main features of the plugin:

  • The Give donation form looks professional and includes reporting and donor management, all for free.
  • You can pay for add-ons based on the ones you need.
  • The default donation forms include basic recurring donation functionality.
  • Place custom fields and goals on your donation forms to entice more people to give.
  • The forms can be customized, but they look pretty darn good on any theme, right out of the box.
  • Not only is the Give support documentation impressive, but it has a full-page filled with demos before you pay for anything. You don’t get charged any transaction fees.

2. Charitable – Donation Plugin by WP Charitable

Charitable – Donation plugin provides a free WordPress donation plugin with support for geolocation, easy updates, videos, user avatars, anonymous donations, and even one year of premium support. The developers ask you to “pay what you want” so that you can support the plugin or get it for free. If you look at the premium membership here, you will notice that it starts at $99 per year and rises to $249 per year. It’s a decent plan considering you get access to newsletter integrations, freebies, Easy Digital Downloads support, and paid gateways.

The most expensive version (the $249 per year plan) offers some of the following features:

  • Recurring donations
  • Peer to peer fundraising
  • Crowdfunding platforms
  • Automatic crowdfunding payments
  • Everything you would get from the lower-priced plans

So, Charitable definitely stands out for some of its unique features. We especially love the videos and geolocation tools that the free version has. It’s also nice to see support for anonymous donations, as not everyone likes to have their name posted all over the Internet after donating.

Interesting features of the plugin:

  • Solicit donations based on location.
  • Charitable doesn’t charge transaction fees.
  • Connect with popular payment gateways like Stripe, Authorize.net, PayUMoney, and PayFast.
  • There’s a peer-to-peer fundraising extension to expand your reach.
  • About 15 extensions are sold for expanding on your donation form’s functionality.
  • Share campaign updates with your contributors.
  • All of the Charitable pricing plans allow for one site license and one year of premium customer support.
  • The online support includes a ticketing system, FAQ, documentation, and a blog.

3. PayPal Donations by Scott Paterson

PayPal Donations plugin may not sound like what you are looking for, but you will be surprised how elegant and powerful this little gem is. In fact, it makes perfect sense that PayPal knows how to donate as the company has been collecting payments for some time. I recommend PayPal donations to anyone who loves the simplicity of PayPal products. Everything from PayPal can be used by newbies and have no problem growing your organization. Be aware that this WordPress donation plugin was not actually created by PayPal. It uses a payment gateway, but you shouldn’t expect customer support from PayPal. However, PayPal Donations adds a donation shortcode to your WordPress dashboard. This way you can embed the shortcode on any page or activate the widget in the sidebar or footer. That’s all. You must of course link your PayPal account, but it only takes a minute.

Why this WordPress donation plugin?

  • It’s the fastest and easiest way to start collecting donations on your website.
  • About 15 translations are already built into the plugin, mostly removing the need to install any additional translation plugin.
  • The PayPal Donation buttons are already designed for you. This cuts down on development time. It’s also great since so many people recognize and trust the PayPal brand.
  • The shortcode and widget are easy to find and add to a page, sidebar, or post.

4. Seamless Donations by David Gewirtz

Like many other WordPress donation plugins, you can download Seamless Donations plugin for free and then buy add-ons and extensions as needed. The developers claim that the plugin can be installed within five minutes. All it takes is a connection to your PayPal account and some settings changes. Like other popular donation plugins, Seamless Donations does not charge any transaction fees. Instead, it makes money from additional sales. As for the main features of the plugin, you can start by collecting regular donations. After that, the plugin will have tools for tracking donors and donations. Thank you messages are also included in the feature set, allowing you to thank some of the VIP donors. Seamless Donations plugin has strong currency and language support, so you are more likely to receive donations from all over the world.

Also, here’s a list of the most popular add-ons:

  • Giving level manager
  • Enhanced thank you messaging
  • Delete donations, donors, and funds
  • Anti-spam
  • CSV export

The standout features:

  • Recurring donations are built into the plugin, so there’s no need to get an add-on.
  • Dozens of currencies (like Thai Baht and Hungarian Forint) are accepted. The same goes for translations.
  • The plugin uses standard post types for donors and funds, so it’s easier to track what’s going on with your donation site.
  • The plugin developers provide support through an FAQ, documentation, video tutorials, and a forum.

5. Donate by BestWebSoft

This plugin allows the simplest and fastest way to place donation buttons of various payment systems on your page. The Donate plugin helps you receive donations from payment processors like PayPal or 2CheckOut. It has a user-friendly and simple interface that allows you to place the donation button anywhere on the site. Customize the look and place your buttons wherever you want.

Also, here’s a list of the most popular features:

  • The ability to connect popular payment processing services such as PayPal and 2CO.
  • Add a button for donations via a shortcode or in the form of a widget of different sizes and designs.
  • Ability to add custom code through page settings, and customize payment buttons.
  • Incredibly simple settings for fast setup without modifying code


All of the plugins mentioned in this article can help you collect donations for your WordPress. However, choosing the best WordPress donation plugin for online fundraising will depend on your needs.

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