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Customer service is a vital part of the website. In terms of high competition, it’s necessary to establish a comfortable and fast communication between customers and the company. This is where voice messages may come in handy. They create conditions for fast support and comfortable feedback. Let’s highlight 5 great voice message plugins to achieve this goal.

1. SpeakPipe

The plugin allows receiving voice messages from your audience. The great advantage is that visitors don’t need to create a website or SpeakPipe account to leave the message. This actions can be performed with a few simple clicks. Basically, everyone can send messages but you may always restrict the access and specify groups of users that are allowed to leave voice comments. You can reply to messages via SpeakPipe inbox. Don’t be afraid to miss it – you’ll receive email notifications every time someone leaves a comment. This solution is easy to install and integrate into the actual WordPress website without any additional coding.

2. Heyoya

Heyoya is a great voice comments platform. This approach is easier and faster than just the ordinary text messages. It’s helpful to make the website more personal so users can communicate better. Voice comments are great to improve SEO, user retention and conversion rate of your WordPress website and also reduce bounce rate. It’s easy to install. You only need to copy and paste a single line of code. Heyoya represents unlimited voice messages per site with the ability to share them on social media.

Upgrade Heyoya to the premium version to access extended features. You’ll be able to send custom notifications to your users twice a week, extend message recording time up to 1 minute and download voice comments.

3. Joy Of Text Lite

Joy Of Text (JOT) is a multifunctional plugin that implements both chat logic and the ability to send text-to-voice messages to groups or single users. You’ll need a Twilio account and a Twilio phone number to use this plugin. Both of them are purchasable, but you can use a free trial account. With this free solution, you’ll also receive test phone number you can use to run JOT.

In the Lite version, you can create a default group for all visitors and allow administrators to manage users in this group. It also allows selecting language preference for text-to-voice messages.

The PRO version of the plugin supports an unlimited number of member groups you can create and maintain simultaneously. You also get the ability to send audio files, MMS and integrate the plugin with WordPress databases.

4. LiveAgent – Live Chat & Helpdesk

LiveAgent is all about creating live chats with customers. They can be used as technical support service or a method to notify users about website changes and events. The plugin is a great decision to improve overall customer service rates of your WordPress website. It has an option to implement help desk, user portal, Twitter and Facebook integration, forum and knowledge base in addition to live chat. This plugin covers such user management methods as handling email tickets, answering voice calls, managing Twitter and Facebook chats. Moreover, it grants the possibility to design a specific knowledge base for the website and improve UX (User Experience).

5. Twilio Easy Call

Easy Call allows calling users upon request. The plugin adds the functionality to establish direct voice communication between the customer and the company with a single click. You’ll be able to implement a simple form with a text box for the phone number and “call” button. When the user clicks the button, agents receive this signal and can contact the visitor. It’s a great opportunity to improve UX and boost client service.

The plugin has a Pro version with some additional features. You are able to specify “welcome” message or audio track to play once the call starts. In this version, website’s registered users can request an instant free callback. Also, you are able to manage website’s blacklist by adding/removing certain numbers.

It’s a great decision to implement voice features into your WordPress website. It can be voice comments, voice chats or phone calls. As the result, you’ll create more vivid and attractive functionality, improve customer service and boost your website’s conversions.

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