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Dozens of websites are maintained on the revenue provided by the ads, paid posts or sponsorships. The last two ways are a little bit unstable, but the commercials are still a decent way to get some cash from your WordPress blog. Well, of course, it works only if your audience is large enough, but that’s another story. This article will provide a brief overview of 10 great plugins that would help you to monetize the invested efforts.

1. Google AdSense plugin

Google AdSense plugin by BestWebSoft is a great decision to add and manage various advertisements on your website. Thanks to the plugin, you can link the website to your Google AdSense account to maximize the profit. The automatic ads insertion allows you to add commercials all over the site, e.g. to your home page, posts/custom post types, pages, widgets, and categories/tag section. The plugin is able to change ads’ positions. They can be shown before or after the content, or below the comments form.
This multilingual plugin is about an easy and fast setup, the extreme convenience of work. Upgrade to the pro version to get even more. For example, the premium version of the plugin can automatically insert commercials to the search results. It is able to swap between fixed and static positions of ads in widgets. The plugin is fully compatible with the latest WordPress version.

2. Insert Post Ads

Insert Post Ads is a convenient way to automate the ad injection. The idea is to automatically insert a commercial after a specific number of paragraphs. This method allows to create the inline ads, get rid of the need to manually insert the units and save a bunch of time. The supported injections from Google AdSense are a nice bonus.

3. AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin

Use AdPlugg to easily place the ads in your blog and enjoy the plugin’s amazing features. Rotate your ads for better click-through rate, schedule each individual commercial activity period, track impressions and clicks, view graphs with trustworthy statistics and much more. It’s easy to install, convenient to use and deep in functionality.

4. Sponsors plugin

Sponsors plugin allows you to rent some space of your blog to another company. This simple decision allows adding a reference to a third party. It may be a young fast-growing company that searches for the audience and urges to be promoted by a trustworthy business partner. Just appoint a reward for placing the information about them and retrieve a fairly decent monetization option. Add related information about them, place a link and an image or logo in the dashboard for each of the companies. It’s all customizable and gives the ability to determine its category, style, size, etc. You’re up to go – just place the generated widget to the sidebar of the blog and get the deserved payment.

5. Meks Easy Ads Widget

Meks Easy Ads Widget is a flexible constructor. Use this plugin to create numerous ads within your website. The great feature of Meks product is a bunch of predefined sizes for commercial units. The second convenient feature is the ability to limit the number of ads displayed per each page load. Such an approach is a mark of decent user-friendliness. Random ads ordering and autoplay rotate ads features provide the optimal way of displaying various commercials on the page.

6. Advanced Ads – Ad Manager with AdSense Integration

Advanced Ads – Ad Manager with AdSense Integration grants the ability of complex ads management. The plugin is able to create an endless amount of advertisements, rotate and schedule them in the most profitable way. One of the Advanced Ads’ strengths is targeted ads. These are the commercials based on the content and variety of user groups. This plugin also implements ads insertion feature: you can inject ads into posts and pages automatically without coding.

7. Corner Ad

Corner Ad is less invasive but still an effective choice. The commercial is placed at the corner of the page. This method doesn’t disturb the eyes but attracts the attention. We are accustomed to these classical banners, interstitials, video ads. It’s habitual and boring… Little fancy commercial units in the corner are definitely some fresh air.

8. Cr3ativ Sponsor

Cr3ativ Sponsor is an alternative plugin if Sponsors plugin didn’t fit your needs. They both work similarly with only minor differences. For example, Cr3ativ Sponsor provides the option to use not only the widget but a text-based shortcode as well.

9. Article Sponsorship

Article Sponsorship provides a unique experience for readers to support with a coin the articles they liked best. Their names would be shown and listed as sponsors under the paid post. It’s a great way for users to leave their mark in history. Especially since multiple payment gateways make it quite an easy task.

10. Ad Overlay Anything

Ad Overlay Anything grants the ability to implement eponymous commercials. This plugin will help to boost your ad views and click-through rate in the most effective way. Such kind of units just can’t be unnoticed or avoided.

No matter what type of ads you choose to use for blog monetizing, it is often an important task to find the balance between the possible earnings and the aesthetical look of the website. Follow this idea and use listed tools to create the best WordPress blog with a considerable revenue.

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