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Improving WordPress SEO is absolutely important if you are in search of some ways to increase your website traffic. This guide is aimed at sharing the top WordPress SEO tips in order you have your WordPress SEO improved and, as a consequence, more organic traffic received.

Experts assure that WordPress is SEO friendly. And that is, actually, a true reason for lots of people to choose WordPress for starting a website or blog. But running a successful blog or website, writing great content and driving traffic still take some time, knowledge and experience.

What is Search Engine Optimization and what’s the importance?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy you can follow so that your website become more visible to Google, Yandex, Bing and other search engines, as well as get more traffic by ranking higher in them. It has a set of rules and guidelines for creating a website with optimized code and formatting. It is all about making it easy for search engines systems to find it.
SEO is aimed at making a website friendlier to users and search engines so that they are able to understand it correctly, read and add to their index.
In other words, website HTML code and content editing for making it search engine friendlier, as well as website promotion for increasing its relevance on the web is a part of what SEO involves.

What you should note:

  • The text and images showing on a webpage should be engaging, comprehensive, and contain enough site keywords.
  • Some search engine systems pay particular attention to the number of sites linking to your website while determining the ranking and relevance of your website. While people surf the internet in search of some information, your content will get the higher rankings in the search results and you’ll get more visitors to your website if it is search-engine-optimized.
  • For most websites the search engines are the greatest providers of traffic. They use advanced algorithms to rank pages properly in search results. Anyways, those algorithms still need your help in understanding your website content. Better SEO can drive highly oriented and quality traffic to your business or personal website.
  • They don’t know the way to rank badly optimized content. If you did not succeed in optimizing your website, your website will not appear in the search results, and, unfortunately, you’ll lose a certain amount of traffic.

    White or Black Hat SEO: Which Way to Go?

    A process of your website optimization that doesn’t violate any rules is called white hat SEO. It fact, it is a base for solid SEO foundation. To be more precise, Google has a number of recommendations to be followed if you want your website to be Google friendly, as well as the list of what you shouldn’t do under no circumstances.
    In case of your violation of those rules either intentionally or even because of your lack of knowledge there is a certain risk of your site getting a ‘Google penalty’ for that and what, consequently, leads to either your rankings drop greatly, or even your website be removed from Google.

    In its turn, black hat SEO describes actions that are not in compliance with the acceptable norms and practices. The black hat SEO is aimed at manipulating search engine algorithms with the use of numerous techniques intended to trick search engines into the page high ranking in the results using deceptive signals.

    The only possible way for you should be white hat SEO. Search engines have very smart algorithms, spam detection methods and sooner or later, they can detect and penalize any websites that are using black hat techniques for getting higher rankings.

    Don’t trust everything you read on the web and especially those tutorials that promise quick and positive results in a short period of time. Think critically. It is not a secret that SEO takes time to achieve good results and only after you do a great work.

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