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Maintenance is a really important part of every product’s life. Maintenance becomes vital if your website is based on WordPress. You can’t deploy the site and leave as it is. Actually, you can, but some of the website’s modules, pages or plugins may suddenly crash or change things dramatically if you just leave the product without any supervision. This crash may be caused by an update, hidden bug, hacker attack, etc. and lead to the situation where your website will look not that good as expected, start to misbehave or even perform a malfunction so any further usage of your website will be impossible. The best way to avoid this situation is to prevent any possible future malfunction behaviour. That’s where maintenance takes the control.

Maintenance is a repeatable duty. Some tasks and checks you need to perform yearly, quarterly, monthly and even weekly. I’ll tell you about some of the possible tasks.

Updates First

First of all, never forget to check for and install the latest versions of WordPress core, plugins and themes. Forehanded updates can improve performance and close possible security breaches. You can use an Updater plugin to automatically check for any available updates for website’s core with all installed themes and plugins.

Scan, Optimize and Backup

Another good idea is to scan the website for hacking attempts and malware. Nobody likes to be hacked.

If your website requires a database functionality, don’t be shy to waste some time for query and data optimization.

Always make backups to protect your data if the things would go really bad.

Make It Comfortable

You can also check out the plugin that could help to perform maintenance tasks more comfortable. Close the website for maintenance, add the scheduler countdown, fancy background image or even video file while your site is on maintenance and do other cool things.

Maintenance is a thing just needed to be done. Forehanded maintenances keep your site alive.
Furthermore, the well-maintained website remains fast, protected and fancy-looking. This is all a good website needs to be successful.

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