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Let’s look at the question, why does a perfectly tuned system sometimes fail? Everything is under the control, everything under the scrutiny of the hosting services, figured out, forgot nothing, but opening the site it’s loaded longer than should be. 

In 2015 was conducted research, the results showed that over the past few years, people have stopped focusing on anything for longer than 7 seconds. Although the previous figure was 12 seconds. Could we not to pay attention to the delay in page loading in some 2 seconds? Studies show that even a delay of 1 second leads low the conversions, low the page views, and low customer satisfaction.

How do you think the best is the enemy of the good? Let’s try to remove the reasons that could make your site slow response time, one by one.

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Are you planning to launch the Restaurant site? Then these top WordPress themes with excellent features are right for you. You will receive even more visitors in your restaurant if you use the WordPress theme for your site. Themes from the presented category are created to impress gourmets and convince them of the need to visit your institution in real life. Read More…

In order to look beneath the surface, let’s consider the definition of customization. Generally, the customization is an action of modifying something or a result of modification made to suit a particular task or individual. If we talk about the plugin and theme customization, this means adding new specific features to the existing product or developing a brand new product based on the client’s requirements. Read More…