Contact Form by BestWebSoft is the greatest solution for your WordPress website. It will help you to build and publish simple and powerful contact form in just a few minutes.

Must Have Contact Form Plugin for Every WordPress Website 

Contact form plugin for WordPress website is the best solution to receive messages from customers right to your email address.

File Attachments

Make it possible for your users to upload files and images with form submission.

Captcha & reCAPTCHA

Protect your contact form against spam with Captcha and reCAPTCHA by BestWebSoft.

Subscribe Checkbox

23pxAdd email newsletter subscribe checkbox to your form and easily convert your visitors to subscribers.


Translate your form to any language with a simple language customizer

Responsive Layout

100% responsive contact form which works on mobile, tablets and desktop.

Required Fields

Choose which fields and checkboxes should be required and which are optional.

Location List

Add the list with different locations to allow people indicate their country or city.

Style & Tooltips

Make your form perfect with customizable styles, alignment, and editable tooltips.

Why People Love Contact Form by BestWebSoft

Our powerful Contact Form plugin has a number of useful features which make it suitable for every design your website may have. Here you can see how flexible it can be and how you can customize its appearance.

Expand Contact Form Options

For example, you can add the department selectbox, where you can specify several departments and different email addresses of the responsible people.

Also, you can enable placeholder or pop-up tooltips, add attachment field, and agreement checkbox.

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Improve your Contact Form appearance

If necessary, you can divide your Contact Form into columns and enable other great options.

For example, you can choose what fields should be required for filling the form and which are optional. Also, you can enable location select box, so your users and visitors can choose their country.

If you would like to get more subscribers, then the subscribe checkbox is a real and ready solution for you. This option requires Subscriber plugin to be installed.

Make it flexible

Does your WordPress website support RTL writing system? If it is, then our plugin will perfectly fit your website language direction. Moreover, you can easily translate labels and placeholders.

You don’t need to change the code or have some specific programming skills to use this plugin. All the necessary options (e.g. changing the form and labels align, or “Submit” button position) are presented as simple radionbuttons. Just select the desired option and see how in it will look like in pre-built preview window.

Customize Form Styles and Width

Using our simple style customizer, you can quickly adjust the styles of your contact form. You can change error, labels and placeholders color, set the color for inputs fields (border, background, etc.) and customize “Submit” button appearance.
Moreover, you can easily set labels and placeholders width.

You can also protect your form with Google Captcha plugin without any programming skills! Just select the necessary checkbox, install and activate reCAPTCHA (if it’s not installed and activated yet) and enjoy your good looking and functional contact form!

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Protect Your Form From Spam and Hackers

Looking for another way to protect your form? We have an excellent solution for you – Captcha by BestWebSoft.

Make it possible to adjust the complexity level, choose the type of the captcha (character recognition or arithmetic actions), stylish and modern image packages.

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