The Multilanguage plugin is the easiest way to translate your WordPress content to other languages. A simple and powerful plugin that adds customizable language switcher in a menu, as a widget, or in the site's footer.

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Most Powerful Multilanguage Plugin

The Multilanguage plugin is easily installed and managed. This plugin comes with over 80 pre-installed languages but the number of languages is not limited since you can easily add new ones.
A fully packed set of features allows you to create the most good looking bilingual and multilingual WordPress site in minutes. It allows you to easily translate your pages, posts, widgets, menus, custom post types, and taxonomies. To make plugin the part of the design сustomize switcher, language flag, etc.

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monitor with settings

Hide default language slug
There’s an ability to hide the default language slug in your link. As for other added languages, you can change the full slug to its short version.


Display/hide widgets
You can easily customize widget display for different languages: choose where it should be shown and where you would like to hide it.


Custom translation
There is an option to translate custom post types, taxonomies, and fields. Moreover, you can translate widgets and website title, and tagline.


Change the search language
You can easily set the language which will be used in your WordPress website search. There is an option to let people search in any language or just in the main language of the site.

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More Compatibilities – More Comfort

Use amazing compatibilities to please the users with their language

gutenberg logo

The first one to print 

Understanding that the simplicity of website creation is very important, we added compatibility with the Gutenberg Editor to our beloved Multilanguage WordPress plugin.

Now, you have an opportunity to create a superb multilingual website in a few clicks!

acf logo

Control is also important

The compatibility with Advanced Custom Fields is the possibility to master all WordPress edit screens and custom field data without language borders.

elementor logo

Elementary easy

The compatibility with Elementor Page Builder gives you an opportunity to create an easy-customizable multilingual page without any pains and efforts.

logo classic

Stay classy but modern

If you are looking for something intuitive and familiar the compatibility with the Classic Editor is the way you have been looking for so long. Set the translation in a good-known environment.

yoast icon

Great for SEO

Customize each and every multilingual page with the most popular Yoast SEO plugin.

divi icon

Timeless Elegance with a Modern Twist

If you seek an intuitive and familiar experience, Divi Builder’s compatibility is the solution you’ve been searching for. It seamlessly integrates the translation process within a well-known environment, combining the best of both worlds. Embrace modern efficiency with Divi Builder.

Discover More Premium Features

Adding a multilanguage plugin is a great way to allow your users and visitors to read your website content in their own language without Google Translator mistranslations

Custom Flag

Choose a custom flag for the language that will be used.

Automatic Switch

Switch language based on user’s IP.

Separate Menus

Create separate menus for different languages.

Switcher Type

Choose language switcher type and display.

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