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Creating a brand is a really hard and responsible task. Actually, it’s easy to create the brand itself, but make this brand popular or viral is a real challenge. There are tons of printed and digital volumes about how to create a successful brand, eclipse market giants and form your own empire. Some of them are useful, some of them are not. I’d like to highlight some advice that may help you to create a successful brand in a much more abridged way.

Remember that some advice just can be unsuitable for you. It’s not bad. It just means that you need a little bit more information gathering, some additional thoughts and tests.

Logos, art and design are surely important. It’s a face of your brand and its value just can’t be underestimated. Nevertheless, there is a job you need to do in the first place. It’s a deeper and more responsible task that can direct all your future acts in brand-forming and affect any possible manufacturing processes.

Discover. Before the style, before the logo, you need to define the inner side of your brand. What niche would you like to take? What will be the production of your brand? What is your goal as a brand founder? How will you achieve this goal? What your role will be in the future processes? First of all, answer these questions to form the idea of what your brand will stand for.

Create a concept of what you would like to get and draw up some ways to achieve this. It’s your base task. Therefore, you need to analyse the existing market share to find out your possible competitors, classify the ways they work, the products they make, find out their strengths and weaknesses. At this point, think about your brand uniqueness. What can you do that your competitors can’t? How will your brand stand out from dozens of similar companies? What unique can you offer to the market share? This part is essential – it will determine all your future development direction.

Gather the information about your target audience, analyse where your product will run the best. Outline some possible ways of promotion and distribution. What will fit best to promote your product – social media platforms, blogs, emails or, maybe, video advertisements? Always trace your competitors’ successes and failures. Gather information and scheme about the ways you can outdo their progress.

Focus on your visuals. A logo of your brand is perfect bait for new customers. Logo is a face of your company. Try to make it attractive and memorable. Do not overburden the logo with lots of details or mixture of colors. It mustn’t be annoying. People mustn’t feel uncomfortable when they look at your logo.

Creating a nice looking, memorable and creative logo for your brand is a really hard, but essential task. Choose the color palettes for your brand. Ensure that they do not violate color harmony and look suitable. Try to use iconography, graphics, photos and data visualization elements as often as possible. Customers really like it, it’s informative and looks cool, but don’t be fanatical. It will harm the look of your brand if you overdo the usage of these elements. The overburdened design looks gaudy, not elegant. Furthermore, excessive use of plots, graphs, pie charts and other statistic information dispels the attention and kills all pleasant impression the customer might have made from the product.

Remember! The design you choose and the colors you pick will associate with your brand. Try to make the experience of observation your company logo and design as much pleasant and comfortable as you can. Don’t be fanatical. Find the balance where the product will be attractive but not annoying.

Understand your strengths and weaknesses. Make the strengths your main weapon and cover up the weaknesses. Always evolve – try to experiment with the production or design, try out new logo decisions, launch various promotion campaigns and be in touch with your customers.

Creating a popular, successful brand is such type of tasks where you must use all your abilities and energy. Put part of your heart in the brand and support your company with continued hard work. Remember – the more efforts you make, the more massive your return will be, so never give up.


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