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The number of members in your community can be made to grow with the use of WordPress plugins. Now we are discussing some of them and not only, focused on ratings, reviews and available functions.

We bring to your attention the perfect combination of tools that provoke an increase in the number of participants in your community in WordPress:

  • Applying plugins that integrate seamlessly with WordPress
  • Using custom content rules and principles


Of course, each community has its own unique goal and objectives. Fortunately, WordPress makes it possible to create a community that meets your needs with various useful plugins. 

Now we will discuss several of them in detail, focusing on ratings, reviews and their key functions related to your desire to develop an existing site:



BuddyPress Plugin 

A plugin that adds social networking features to the core WordPress functionality. Most features of BuddyPress are unparalleled in other plugins. It is amazing how complex websites can be created based on WordPress. The plugin makes it possible to easily turn a regular website into a full-fledged social network, create personal profiles, correspond with other users and even create your own groups.

With a BuddyPress plugin, your site members will be able to:

  • to monitor the activity of your friends or interest groups;
  • to include friends, groups, activity feeds, recent user entries, biography, contact information;
  • to add each other as friends, making it much easier for them to communicate and track events; 
  • to exchange private messages with each other;
  • to create and join groups of any subject;
  • to organize a fully functional WordPress blog for everyone. The blog will be integrated into the activity feed and users will be able to publish entries there using their own account on your site.

Also, for convenience, depending on the tasks and goals, these functions can be turned on / off in the control panel.



User Submitted Posts Plugin

A plugin that allows you to turn your site into a so-called collective blog. Allows you to add articles, news, travel descriptions or recipes. User Submitted Posts enables your visitors to submit posts and images from anywhere on your site via template tag or shortcode. The plugin allows members of your online resource to create new publications and attach images to them. You can leave a prepared message for sending as a draft and moderate it before it is published. And It is possible to manage all the sent messages and edit them from the user panel. In addition, monetize your site and charge users for sending content using the “Support for payments sent by users” add-on.



Facebook Page Plugin

Facebook Page Plugin is a news feed plugin. It allows you to bring to the site all your existing Facebook community and all its subscribers. With this plugin, a guest can like, share and comment on content without leaving your site. Your community site is fully interacting with the news feed. Simplicity, convenience, habit of the plugin design make it a great addition to any site. By allowing users to add new content to your site, you attract more readers to your resource, and this stimulates the growth of its rating.



Simple Membership Plugin

This is a flexible, well-maintained, easy-to-use WordPress Plugin. A simple membership plugin allows you to protect your posts and pages so that only your members can view protected content. The plugin offers everything you need to create a closed community on the site. Members can choose free and paid membership. Membership payments can also be accepted through other payment gateways, such as Stripe or Braintree. PayPal and Stripe support two types of payments: one-time and recurring. Plus, the site also has the ability to use the PayPal smart button to pay for membership. For free membership, you can enable activation and confirmation by email. Besides that simple membership has the support of almost 20 languages ​​of the world.



bbPress Plugin

Great WordPress plugin that will create a great forum on your site. The plugin allows you to create several forums at the same time, also allows the assignment of categories to forums. Gives the traceability of the number of people participating in the conversation.

Demonstrates the name of the author of each topic and the name of the category in which the conversation began. Allows you to insert ads into the forum, and also offers a large selection of places to display ads. And many, many other interesting features.

By the way, where there is a large accumulation of information flows, the likelihood of spam is also high. To protect your online community from useless, annoying spam will help the plugin developed by our company. Captcha plugin completely сompatible with bbPress, WooCommerce, BuddyPress plugins. It is easy to use and manage, a simple and effective plugin which will always guard your website forms.

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Custom content


Let’s talk about user content. What can be called custom content? Let’s consider:

  • this is feedback on the interaction with the subject of marketing, reviews on its use
  • reviews, reports, comparisons
  • user comments on the subject of marketing
  • user activity in discussions, contests, polls.

User content manifests itself in:

  • in publications;
  • in comments into the discussions;
  • in podcasts;
  • in the distribution of custom photo and video material;
  • in Wikipedia materials.

Using custom content, the site owner receives:

  • the generation and dissemination of user experience (positive/negative);
  • innovations, opinions, content that can be easily studied, analyzed and systematized;
  • saving of funds allocated for promotion;
  • the growth of loyalty and trust in the subject of marketing, as well as in its owner;
  • large audience reach;
  • SEO performance growth.

We hope this article will help you in developing an online community that will meet your intentions and wishes.

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