Make Your Website Illuminate in a Few Clicks

It pleases us, that our reCaptcha plugin is used on your website for a long time.

For your website’s performance improvement, you can use a combination of our recommended plugins with reCaptcha.

Try them now not, to miss the excellent possibility to find what you and your users are looking for.

Htaccess Plugin

Protect WordPress website – allow and deny access for certain IP addresses, hostnames, etc.

Htaccess plugin is a simple and useful tool which helps to control the access to your WordPress website.

In addition to that, all IP`s from the block- and blacklists will be added to “deny form” direction of the .htaccess file, so bots can not pass that strong security level.

Limit Attempts Plugin

Limiting the number of attempts on your login page will not only stop the brute force, but it will also help you distinguish IPs that must be blocked.

The new layer of protection solution with bots, every failed reCaptcha would be considered as a failed try by limit attempts plugin.

So the user might have limited input attempts for login or even sending a comment.

Contact Form Plugin

The Contact Form plugin for the WordPress website is the best solution to receive messages from customers right to your email address.

Choose the required fields for filling the form or the optional ones.  

Enable the location box for your users, so they can choose their country for your convenience in the future for analyzing the market sphere. 

If you want to get more subscribers – the subscribe checkbox is a real and perfect solution for you.

This option requires the Subscriber plugin to be installed.


Subscriber Plugin

Build a user-friendly and responsive sign-up form, which will subscribe visitors to your newsletter lists in second.

The very one plugin as always with premium support. The convenience of work is perfectly combined with power and functionality. It is aimed to sign up and subscribe your visitors in various ways.  

The plugin offers magnificent tools for you to use:

  • Add email newsletter subscription checkbox to the registration form
  • Send an email with subscription confirmation
  • Add the fields to the subscription form:
    • Name
    • Unsubscribe (checkbox), that can be protected by reCaptcha
  •  View the reason for unsubscribing 

Testimonials Plugin

Know what your users think about your products.

An effective way to get and post your customer’s reviews and opinions that will make others trust and buy the offered product.

Use the reCaptcha plugin with Testimonals plugin in order to get the reviews and comments only from real people and protect your website from spam.