At the very beginning of the project we received from the client the following task: - make some minor visual changes at the website - develop display of related product at the product's page - develop shop info block in the sidebar: information plus map - change the style at the main page of the website, develop ajax load of the products while scrolling the page - create a page of the shop (informational page) and create a page to display all products in the shop - create a block which allows to filter display of the products according to several criteria. While working at the project we've customized a number of existing files of the theme add new templates as well as functionality for these templates, changes are done to the DB in order to store information about products and shops, metaboxes were created at the page for editing products and saving information about the shop via admin panel. According to the provided PSD file home page was created and scripts for ajax load of the products while scrolling. Also we've created a plugin which allows to filter products when displaying at the home page, shop page according to the certain criteria: women, men, children, price, brand.

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