Develop custom API inside a Woocommerce plugin (PHP)

Date of completion: 06.03.2016

Description: The client's task was to develop the following API functions:

1) Initiate Revise item price/quantity from the server.
2) Initiate “End an woocommerce item” from the server
3) List an item using woocommerce API.
4) GetCurrentItems – Retrieve a list of all current active woocommrece items and send them to the server.
5) ItemChangeNotify – The only one that is from woocommerce to the server. It is a notification from woocommerce to a specific page on the server whenever there is an event on monitored items.

As a result, we cretated:
1) a plugin for wordpress and non-cms servers to manage the poriducts and proces remotely in woocommerce + loading of logs of the user's actions in woocommerce (creation, changing and deleting of products).
2) a plugin for WordPress that logs the information about the user's actions with woocommerce products.

More screenshots: