Date of completion: 14.10.2015

Short description: Website Development

Date of completion: 06.03.2016

Short description: Develop custom API inside a Woocommerce plugin (PHP)

Date of completion:

Short description: In accordance with the client’s request, we created the HTML template on the basis of the provided design, enabled js library for the slider (/index.html), parallax effect (/fotografie.html), justified galleries + prettyphoto lightbox(/portfolio.html), google maps api (/contact.html).

Date of completion:

Short description: We created the new design for the client’s site and implemented it into a new WordPress theme as well as created the functionality to book online lessons and integrated paypal payment system.

Date of completion: 8/5/2012

Short description: API development

Date of completion: 11/26/12

Short description: WordPress functionality customization

Date of completion: 12/17/2012

Short description: WordPress Plugin Development

Date of completion: 10/09/2012

Short description: WordPress Theme Development