The task was to create a plugin for Wordpress which would provide a possibility to handle promotions using Facebook social network facilities, as well as such mailing services as MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse. While installing the plugin itself the advertising page which used design specified in the settings was created. A user just needed to place a link to the page in the menu of their website or anywhere else. Also there was implemented a possibility to use functionality of the plugin by using a shortcode and without use of "external" design. Plugin's features: 1) Set up of Facebook account information, set up of the message/image for sharing news about the promotion (Facebook share) and friends inviting (Facebook invite) by the users of the website who participate and their further adding to the mailing-list of selected autorespond system. 2) Flexible set up system consisted of 4 advertising steps. It uses WYSIWYG Wordpress editor. 3) Possibility to select one of pre-defined designs for the look of the templates. 4) Flexible setting of content filling which includes a possibility to use video, text, images and free settings. 5) Graphic editor which could be placed at any page for countdown till the end/beginning of the promotion. 6) Plugin automatically added data about participants to Leaderboard which has a sorting feature for input results and export them to CSV-format. 7) Ability to send reminders with to all participants who haven't scored enough points in the competition. Text of the message is adjustable and each result is calculated automatically. 8) Newsletter mailing to the winners of the contest with adjustable text of the message.  

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