Initially we didn't have the exact technical specification for the project. An overall task was to create a theme appropriate for installation at any WP website. The theme should also provide a full set of the tools for handling advertising campaigns and promotions. The following was developed in this theme: 1) Possibility to sign up for different types of subscription and as a widget as well. That was done in order to add subscribers to the mailing DB. 2) Possibility to select one style of the number of pre-defined designs. 3) Ability to completely customize look of menu elements, header and background. 4) Leaderboard feature to display its elements at the website. 5) Feature of swiping the block which allows to display any number of text fragments with further copying any of them to the clipboard. 6) Banner block allowing to display any number of image elements with further ability to save any of their combination in uploaded zip or copy to the third party resource by means of displayed HTML code. 7) Offers block which allows to create and display ad feed of affilate-links. 8) Bonus block which allows to create any number of bonus-offers (which are displaying graphic image, description and a link to download a bonus file) 9) Graphic timer which could be placed at any page for countdown till the end/beginning of the promotions. 10) Feature allowing to play uploaded or embedded video.

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