In this particular project we had a chance to work with custom-built PHP/MySQL website that provides its users possibilities either play online games or download games, free or for a fee. So the range of the tasks included: Creation of additional functionality in admin panel of the website for:

  • adding and editing static pages of the website from admin panel
  • ability to edit meta data on base pages
  • add the scheduler to make it easier to setup, edit, and view games scheduled to be in the daily game alert window for the Jenkat Games Alert Window
  • add, edit and delete background and logo for the website

We also worked at additional functionality on the front end:

  • Meebo bar integration onto the Jenkat site, creation of three new menu buttons
  • implementation of one of the basic versions of the AddThis Bar
  • adding of overlay ad that would appear over a game while it’s loading

Also we’ve worked at a number of ongoing tasks (customization of existing website) Please also see: https://bestwebsoft.com/portfolio/jenkatgames-website-customization/

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