The main task of this project was to develop API for the interaction of the server (to store data) with iPhone app that displays the list of discounts. This API includes the following features: 1. it returns the list of available discounts; 2. it returns the list of expired discounts; 3. it performs the check whether the certain user bought the certain discount or not; 4. it captures statistic data about the use of the app. API returns the following information about the discount: - ID; - title; - description; - image (attached to a discount); - price; - availability of a discount for minors; - address or coordinates of the shop of the certain discount. Also the website was developed for the dat administrating on the server; it was developed with the help of the theme Admintasia. The website provides the following features: - adding/deleting/editing the information about discounts; - viewing the list of the existing discounts; - viewing the statistics about the using of the app. It is possible to view the statistics by hours of certain day - this gives the idea about everyday using of the app. Also, it is possible to view the statistics by months of year - this allows to see the tendency in the using of the app during long period of the time. The number of connections and number of devices are displayed in the statistics that made the connections during one hour (hourly statistics) or during the month (monthly statistics).

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