The task was to create a plugin for showing up a sticky bar with social media buttons (such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+) and certain author information where users could subscribe to this or that user page on Google+, Twitter and Facebook. The bar is available on the posts page only and sticks either at the top of the page or at the bottom depending on the settings. The main features are: - the plugin can be hidden for all authors except admin; - if it's available for all authors, any author can add ID of his/her social media account (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter); - can be set for output on top or bottom of the page; - if it's set to output on top, it appears when the user has scrolled down by a certain amount (the value is specified by user - from 0 to 500px) - user can select color of the backgroundand and the bar borders by means of the plugin Farbtastic; - enable/disable shadows; - fields for social media accounts ID's (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter); - show/hide social media buttons (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+).

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