The task was to develop a website according to provided design in Illustrator file based on WordPress CMS. A client provided us with design of website’s pages in AI format and provided some of the elements that were difficult to reproduce.

– Templates were created for pages with different kinds of design.

– A custom post type was created for floorplans section;
– For storing of additional information about apartment we created custom fields;
– 2 types of galleries were implemented to the website. At Interiors page a gallery is done via Javascript/jQuery without usage of third party plugins. At Buildings and Neighbourhood pages it was done via Nivo Slider plugin.
– At the floorplans page loading of information about a flat occurs via ajax-requests. Highlighting of apartment right at the floorplan is done via image map.
– At the view page there is a cyclorama. When reviewing a website from PC cyclorama is loaded as a flash object. While visiting a website from iPhone/iPod/iPad cyclorama is loaded via HTML5.
– At the Neighbourhood Map page objects’ coordinates a loaded to the map from XML-file via ajax technology.
– At registration page there fields for information input were customized.
– In order to adjust video facility we used jwplayer.