This project is a WordPress website that has a requirement to allow people to sign up, take 3 quizzes, store the data for the results of the 3 quizzes, and then show a graph for that user's past quiz results. The purpose of this website is to promote healthy behaviors among citizens of the North Little Rock community. The local government thinks that by giving the citizens a free tool to track their progress, they will get some engagement from the community. We added the following options to the website during the development: 1. register and get to the website in the front end; 2. track BMI (body mass index), Waist-To-Height Ratio, and track healthy behavior with a short 6 question quiz. 3. the "forgot password" feature was implemented on the website. All 3 quizzes pass the results to the data base without the reloading of the page with the use of Ajax. We created the progress page where the results of the latest tests are displayed and the progress of the certain user can be tracked and user`s data can be changed.