The online shop ecomfort.com has the main specialization of household appliances sale and components to it. It was necessary to make redesign and elements restructuring on the site. The main requirement was simplicity, accuracy and giving light and bright tones of site. The site was created on the Prestashop engine. The list of works: The new design mockup for the site was created by our designer. This mockup was implemented to the site. We changed some header elements, the search line of the site and navigation menu. Also we changed the widget design. We have completely changed the products list section (Product List) and partially restructured it. Also we implemented the block with list of similar products groups, with graphic banner and with slider with images of products manufacturers, which are placed on the site. We have modernized and changed the user comments section for selected product. We added the section with estimates for product in the form of five stars quantity on the comments page. Every comment has an estimate on the comments page. Also this page has the average rating for every product on the basis of previous estimates for product. The section of step by step order registration of selected products also was redesigned. We changed the font colors and header there.

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