Link http://porte.ca/latitude/
Assets for the project: For this project we had a typekit code to use for fonts, PSD files for first three pages to design. We also had a PDF file showing page mockups as well as compressed images for first three pages to code. The main goal of the project was to create wordpress theme according to psd-mockup. The theme includes several specific pages, which were also needed to be done according to the mockup. The main topic of the website is houses building. The goal of the website is connection of potential audience with client's firm which operates in the houses building, demonstration of the products and services of the company. In the project custom templates were implemented for the most part of the pages. Slider is connected for the pages, for Developer and Gallery there was a gallery implemented. Contact form was connected and adjusted according to the client's preferences, captcha was added to the contact form as well as validation functionality. According to the client's preferences after submitting data via contact form and clicking at registration button user is automatically redirected to a Thank You page. For the Plans page appearing of an appropriate video after a click at the image with the plan of the building is implemented.