The task was to create graphic design for online community Outerclub website that involves different kinds of online social interactions. It was ongoing job and while working at the tasks customer provided their directions regarding to the style of design that should have the page. The work was done for the website where it is possible to invite friends in order to connect to the global community and then participate in different kind of discussions, i.e. discuss your own interests and find out more about interests of people who are also acting at the website. Website includes a number of the feeds on different themes that could be discussed and constant presence and participation of the members makes these discussions live and really interesting. There are such features at the website like topic templates, IRC-chat, Game-like incentives such as leaderboard, up voting, and gift sharing. Attached you can see several versions of design for this particular page. Here you can see design for Welcome Page, User Profile page, Threads List, Sign Up page, Discussions page, Gift sharing page, Boards tab page and logo. At least two versions of design for each page were created.

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