Link http://www.hollywoodbuilt.com/
This plugin was developed for www.hollywoodbuilt.com web site which provides users services in the sphere of fitness and weight reduction. The main aim of the plugin is to provide a user with possibility of work with their own personal account, convenient interface and different services. Plugin works with Gravity forms and has the following features:
  1. It has gallery with extended functionality which allows a user to upload their photos to track changes of the their body's state. A user is able to choose a photo from the gallery to be displayed at the home page of their profile. Also there is a possibility to choose a certain area of this photo with proportions preservation.
  2. Users are able to set a goal for themselves which they would like to achieve. Goals are checked and confirmed by administrator. Admin also set parameters which must be achieved by a user.
  3. While training a user adds data according to specified parameters. These results together with the main goal are displayed as a graph which allows users to track comfortably progress of their trainings.
  4. At the home page of user's account there are randomly shown quotations of celebrities which are intended for motivation to achieve the main goal that was set.
  5. Also at the home page of account there is shown a weather forecast according to the user's residence.

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