The website was developed according to the client's request and based on PSD files that he provided. The task was to create informational portal. Website contains several templates of the pages, it is very flexible in terms of the finetuning and output of information. Custom post types were developed as well as several dynamic nav menus. Also there were developed several types of the sliders of a different complexity level and structure which are used both for visual part and for more simple delivery of information to the user. More detailed: 1) Slider at the home page which displays several cottage images which smoothly replace each other. 2) Slider for the rest of the pages, the main idea is that it is constantly rotating from one side of the screen to another showing different images. This slider is very well elaborated and structured and it could adopt to different screen resolutions. 3) Cottage slider which allows to divide cottages and including in it images, i.e. it has a structure similar to the categories. Here is the demo https://bestwebsoft.com/demo/gp/wldwd/email/ https://bestwebsoft.com/demo/gp/wldwd/email_template_realtor/ https://bestwebsoft.com/demo/gp/wldwd/email_template_registrant/ login: demo password: qwerty