The client wanted to have three websites in one with the new RoadBandit.com all on the same domain but on different pages. So we created a full design of the website and re-designed the logo. We also worked on development of the other two websites. There are the two links to the other two pages (websites) on the right side of the home page. The first one is ‘Now showing’, the page to showcase the webisodes. The second website (page) is the Bandit Tracker, an interactive Google map. At this page users are able to attach pictures and videos to the different places we pin on the map.  With the map, there is a suggestions section where people can suggest the next place to go, and a comments section for people to give feedback on pics, videos, and events. We have also implemented a live ticker in the corner on the homepage and in this way we have a countdown running to the next show.

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