Link http://www.nordictrans.com/
NordicTrans (http://www.nordictrans.com/) is a recognised international translation company focusing specifically on the Scandinavian languages. The main tasks of the project were to make CSS adjustments on the website: 1.the navigation menu at the header was altered; 2.the logo was enhanced; 3.the background of the navigation menu was implemented; 4.the styles of the language plugin were changed at the header ; 5.the scripts with images for the online chat and the call-back were implemented using specific services; 6.the feature to output the image for each post under the navigation menu was implemented in the admin panel; 7.the side bars were implemented at the right and in the footer; 8.shadows and roundings were implemented in blocks and widgets; 9.the social buttons were implemented at the sidebar; 10.the button «Contact Us With Skype» was created and implemented; 11.the subscription to news of the website was implemented; 12.the service Vcita was implemented using the special plugin; 13.the block with the slider was customized; shadows and roundings were added; The second task of the project was to remove errors that slowed down the loading time: 1.JS files were obfuscated; 2.PHP files were structured; 3.the plugin wp super cache was implemented; 4.the tables of data base were optimized; 5.images were compressed.  

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