Link http://vancouvermobilehairstylist.com/
At the first stage of the project we've been provided with PSD mockups to develop the website which aim is to represent services of hair stylist from Vancouver. After it was agreed on the estimate and timeline with a customer the work at Wordpress theme using html5 begun. Developed theme includes a number of templates that were used to display the pages with different structure. Several areas were implemented to display widgets. Specifically in the sidebar for the pages, for a blog page and the footer. Third-party fonts are used at the website. In purposes of HTML/CSS optimization there are also used CSS sprites. For display of some of the buttons there was used shortcodes functionality. A slider with caption is implemented at the home page. It starts working in case there are not less than 2 images. In the rest of the cases only one image is shown or the whole block is not displayed at all. There is a possibility to add 1 image to the header at each page. Another thing is that if a user is situated at the page of a lower level then above the title of the page there will be displayed title of the parent page which reminds of breadcrumbs and this is advantageous both for a user and for searching engines. Also there was added a possibility to change the title of the page accepting HTML tags, i.e. this was developed in case it will be needed to leave a previous title of the page in menu and searching engines while at the page itself a title displayed at the page is different (and also includes stylization facilities).