The owner of the website (Future Estate is a property investment, advisory, funds management and property development firm specialising in residential real estate) contacted us with the request to make the following changes on the website: - redesign of the website; - implementation of contact forms; - implementation of pages with content and functionality to register on the website and get the access to certain content to download books. The following changes have been done on the website: 1. initial design of the website has been changed color scheme, fonts; 2. social buttons were implemented; 3. content was changed on some pages; 4. contact form was added on Contact Us page; 5 user`s registration functional was implemented on the website; 6. the page Ebooks we added to the website where users can load books; logged in users can download those books in PDF format; 7. the logo was edited and the slogan was added; 8. the page Press was created where users can load articles from magazines and other sources that include the information about Future Estate firm; 9. the sidebar was stylized; 10. the contact elements were added to the sidebar.

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