The task of the project was to make the modifications in WordPress them and implement the adding of the ad blocks Google Adsense to the posts of the website. WordPress theme (Paragrams) ranged the content in three columns (there were 9 articles in total with 3 articles per row). The main task was to add the ad blocks Adsense to the last article in the first row and to the first article in the second row. We developed the mizamag-adsense plugin in order to implement these requirements. This plugin allows to create posts, content together with the ad Google Adsense is added to these posts. Users can choose the position of the ad post at the end of the article. Also, the changes were made in the file index.php of the template, they allow to output posts with ads in the appropriate positions. The position of the article titles was edited - now the ad Adsense is displayed above a title (but earlier it was displayed in such way: post_thumbnail, title, article text).

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