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WordPress is a vigorous semantical publishing platform, and it includes a numerous bunch of features developed to make your publishing process in the Internet as simple, amiable, and attractive as possible. Proudly offer you an easily expanded, standards acceptable, rapid, light and unpaid content management system, with reasonable default features and settings, and an intensely adjustable core.

Wordpress overview

The next is a catalogue of the features that are basic for the WordPress, however there are quite literally dozens of thousands plugins, which enlarge number of WordPress features, so the real  operativeness is almost unlimited. Also, you can do anything you want with the WordPress code, either modify or expand it, or even utilize it for business purposes without license charge. That is the advantage of unpaid software that is also provide the total control over it.

Brief review
Time Tested

Nowadays, WordPress is the base for a quarter of fresh websites, and almost two thirds of different sites choose the content management system. Also, WordPress is confident by different gross and little content publishing companies like the NY Times and CNN. For the eight years of existence, WordPress has over 60 million of various websites that are founded on its core, so you can trust it.

User Friendly

WordPress is founded on the easiest interface that is semblable with your familiar desktop publishing software. You don’t need to have any coding experience or high level of programming knowledge and the rate of learning is quick and short just as signing or logging in. Indeed, a lot of users are capable to learn the key points without any education. Interfaces are perfect and easy to handle, and they got through all possible improvements.  It’s like the performance of Microsoft Word with the intuition of an iPhone.

Developed for Publishing

WordPress is more a content-publishing platform than a website because it promoting content on social websites, assuring the optimal format of your website to provide it the top place among other search results. Also, it provides a possibility for visitors to become readers and subscribers of your weblog via special sub-feeds or email. With an only click, you will broadcast your information to people all over the world.

Confirmed by Community Support

WordPress is maintained by a dynamic group of users who have already decided a great number of the severe tasks on how distribute data today. WordPress has about 30,000 unpaid, publicly-accessible themes and plugins, and this number is always increasing. Moreover, it has hundreds of core developers and contributors in term of every release cycle. WordPress community is a system established around the platform’s efficiency and asserted success.

Content is important
Your Entire Data Stream

WordPress can assist you through all data stream, from the first draft and to the time you post your article. WordPress will check grammar, collaboration, spelling,  and review. Also, there is absence of necessity to send an e-mails or to buy costly desktop software.

Beyond Black and White

WordPress has a wide range of functions to provide and add all necessary interactive content like videos, pictures, music, or documents. The drag-and-drop file uploader employs the newest technology to guarantee your file easily does it to the web page any moment, and a browser to aid you keep, manage and search the items you’re looking for. WordPress disposes all types of information that support the popularity of your website.  

Writing Without Any Diversion

Among IMs, E-Mail, Tweets, Texts, and Status Updates, today there are a lot of different diversions. Your should have a different publishing platform. During the writing process WordPress allows you to forget about everything and focus your attention on your ideas.

Never Lose a Word

WordPress always saves your file automatically in term of writing process so you don’t have to care if your laptop breaks up or you make a failure. Need to return to a prior version? It is possible. Any time your document save, WordPress makes a snapshot that you can dispose with one click.

Time Travel

Maybe, not literally, but within a stone-shot. WordPress allows you set up a schedule of publications for some period in the future or allows you post to a prior period in the past so this way you may work when its comfortable for you.

Publish Wherever You Want

The internet exists everywhere, that is why you can organize your working process wherever it convenient for you. WordPress has a lot of different mobile applications for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, Nokia, and even WebOS. Anywhere you stand, control and managing of your website is depends on your finger-ends. Your device not registered? No problems. You are able to post to your blog via e-mail.

Password Security

You can create various passwords to personal publications to cover them from people. You can also have personal articles that are visible only by their writer.

Multi Paged Publications

If your article is very big, incise it into several pages, so your readers and subscribers don’t have to roll to infinity.

Save Drafts

Save your drafts of posts, advance them later, publish them anytime you want.

Preview Publications

Previous to pressing the “Publish” button, you are able to  look at the preview version of the post you wrote to examine if everything is correct. Indeed, you can do that at any convenient time, while the preview option is “live”.

A Supercharged V8 Under the Hood

The Right Black Tie for All Types of Content

Your content earns the best. The website should correspond to your content, not vice versa. WordPress has a rich integrated theme system that lets creating and developing everything from the elementary weblog to the most difficult portal as easy as pie. Have a new outlook every day. Your concepts should look as marvelous as what they mean.

Obsessively Organized

In situation, if your readers can’t find the post, it is unimportant how much content does it has. WordPress arranges your content by day, by month, by year, by category, by author — any way you choose it — and dynamically makes archives, which are available for review, so things are always well organized.

Killer Search from Top to Bottom

You can search any word via a box at the top of the web page or you can make it via outside search engine like Google, in the last case, WordPress will show your content in a way that your request will be at the top of results.

URL can be Beautiful

Have you ever entered a website and run through the URL bar only to see a set of incomprehensible letters and numbers? WordPress understands that sites are made for humans, not machines. Each URL is written for people and depicts what your content means, not where it locates in a database.

Typography Nerds Rejoice

Publishing process in the Internet can be very complicated without using of the special tools. Each time you hit publish WordPress quietly typing every letter for seamless web production. Where different CMSs allow the details fall by the margin, WordPress employs the Texturize engine to rationally transformed web-unfriendly items like apostrophes, quotes, em and en dashes, ellipses, multiplication symbols, and ampersands into typographically right HTML objects. For data about the valid utilization of such objects read Peter Sheerin’s article The Trouble With Em ’n En.

Welcome to the WordPress!

WordPress has been interpreted to more than 60 languages, so when you say “publish”, you’ll be saying it in a second. You can make a website that is placed to your choice, and translated in any language. The gettext method is utilized to render and allocate WordPress to the maximum dimension.

Drag and Drop Management

Weren’t an informatics major in college? No degree needed, swear. Almost everything users observe from menu to other functions and buttons on every page can be wholly adjusted with simple drag-and-drop administrations on the back end interface.

Numerous Users

Got a great number of users? Not a big deal. WordPress allows you to determine different duties for every user and allows you to dedicate rights correspondingly. Users can log in themselves, and can offer content for your approvement.

Tested by millions
Inboard Power

WordPress affords strong inboard technical capabilities right and negligible adjustment in case, if you need to set the software for your specific utilization. Other CMSs defer to you to track down, install, and change a configuration for a long-list of add-ons to get many of the WordPress options treats core and depends on developers to attempt essential coding efforts to ensure good functionality. WordPress does the hardest work so you don’t have to. Why discover the continents again when you already have them all?

Open and Intelligible

WordPress is created by a devoted group of academics, professional developers, and enthusiasts with the software code issued to the world to analyze, evaluate, and enhance. It’s distinctive feature is a quick development stage, and also, it includes dense updates and recent software. Moreover, you get it without any license tax or factor cost. And with a numerous international professional support group is always you need it.

It’s Your Information

Some publishing and blogging systems like to constrict you within specific data formats. But not in our case. WordPress bases on open standards to let you to operate you data by yourself. And it also provides tools for painless information contribution from other popular sources. It’s your own data, and you can do with it whatever you like.

It’s Your Software

WordPress is developed to be settled on your own web server, on cloud computing, or in a virtual hosting account. You have total control. Opposed to paid software or exterior hosted services, you can be confident that you will be able to input and transfigure everything similar to your website. You can also install WordPress on your personal laptop, or on a business intranetwork.

Control One Site or Millions

WordPress suggests multi-site technology. It is the identical technology that holds up over 20 million websites on WordPress.com and international sites like the New York Times and CNN. Multi-site technology permits users to have overall management control over their own website, without any security problems. Every site may have its own outward (themes), its own operating standards (plug-ins), and control its own users, while simultaneously, network-connected operating principles and safety updates can be used in a click.

Dynamic page generation

No reorganization of the pages any time you upgrade your website, or its part. All pages are raised utilizing the database and the patterns every time a page from your website is asked by a visitor. This implies improving of your website, and demanded little server memory space.

Tracer Controlled Design

WordPress employs tracers for dynamic page generation. You can manage the demonstration of content by editing the patterns utilizing your preferred text-editor or IDE, or even the integrated Tracer Editor tool. Tracer shortcuts make it simpler to develop the content and data displayed on your website. So, it is unnecessary for you to be a PHP ace to make perfect website design.

Great Platform for Great Content
Your Site is Your Castle

In term of 8 years of existence, WordPress has a reputation of a stable and secure website platform. Row spots are determined rapidly because of the numerous users and devoted open-source group, and patches are quickly elaborated by the devoted safety team, and often issued within hour’s interval from the report time. WordPress produces with a build-in core-update system, so patches are applied with the mouse click. Moreover, WordPress disinfects all new users, limits URL access, has a vast user admittance system, and never keeps passwords in an unencryptable form. WordPress employs a great number of its users for beta testing before a new version release, that is why, associated persons can be certain in their steadiness.

Multifunctional APIs

WordPress is based on its own multifunctional API interface that permits developers rapidly and efficiently adjust the application for their special needs. A great part of aspects of the sufficient WordPress experience may be changed or modified by binders and filters. These APIs aid WordPress easily connects with other systems.

Ready for Enterprise Use

If your organization faces with any problems there is a chance that other people have already grappled with it and presented the code chargeless. WordPress has been adjusted for different enterprise situations, and ensures support for Active Directory identity verification, scheduled backups, user administration, and production-flow integration, among other options.

Capacity for Interaction

Is it necessary to connect WordPress to some other system? WordPress utilizes XML-RPC, a free XML standard, which permits various systems from different ambiences to communicate with each other. XML-RPC is created to be as plain as possible, while also performing complicated tasks. Moreover, WordPress maintains a premium version of the MetaWeblog API, Blogger API, and the MovableType API. Also, you can employ clients created for other platforms, for example, Zempt.

Maintenance Phase is so Easy

Upgrading and installation of WordPress is as easy as pie. WordPress’s installation takes only five minutes and it is the object of envy for other companies. Moreover, it provides one click updates, which will assure employing of the best and recent software. Try it and you’ll marvel why other programs  isn’t this simple.

Verification before Approve

Not every person is wicked, however there may be some, those who are, so you have to check all html tags for their acceptance with your blog. The embed html tags permitted by WordPress are a robust choice for people to utilize html in their posts and comments, without jeopardizing the security of your data.

Standards Compliant

The WordPress community has tried their best to assure every single part of WordPress and provided generated code that is comes with the W3C standards. This is essential not only for interaction capacity  with recent browser but also for future consistence with the tools of the forward generation. Your site is a wonderful thing, and you should enjoy it.

Much More than a Blog

Someone can say that WordPress is more  than a blogging platform, in this case, a person probably hasn’t been following up CMS’s explosive growth over the recent years.  The statement that WordPress is only a blogging platform is the same as to say that BMW manufactures only engines. Moreover, most of the time, WordPress is not even used as a blog, WordPress has a built in support for custom post types and custom taxonomies, if you can imagine it, WordPress can turn it into reality.

Broadcast Your Ideas

WordPress supports ATOM, RSS 1.0 (aka RDF) and RSS 2.0 specifications, moreover, any page on your website has a related feed that your visitors can subscribe to – there is a feed for the recent articles, comments, and for lists, just as it was mentioned above, WordPress can make anything you desire. The more options your subscribers have to keep an eye on different sections of your website, the more ropes you have to spread the word around the globe. Besides, WordPress fully maintains RSS 2.0 with enclosures, so the adding audio files such as podcasts is easier than ever before.

Inter-site Chatting

Today, in globalized world the connectivity is the key to success. Therefore, WordPress is ready for PingBack and TrackBack, which are very useful ways of connecting to other sites, and it makes them able to do the same. In addition, Ping-O-Matic is supported by WordPress, and it means that your website is maximum exposure to search engine.

Grow Your Community

Building of Community

WordPress isn’t the YMCA, however, it helps to build communities around the websites by the usage of pingbacks, trackbacks and comments will help you to keep in touch with your audience and favor friendship.


Visitors of your website can leave comments on separate articles, and with the help of Pingback or Trackback they are able to comment on own website. It depends on your decision, so you can enable or disable comments on the per-post basis.

Spam Security

WordPress has very robust tools such as an integrated blacklist and open proxy checker in order to manage and eliminate comments spam on your weblog, and also there is a lot of other plugins that brings functionality on step forward.

Full user registration

In fact, WordPress has an integrated registration system, and depending on your decision. Also, it can allow users to register profiles on your website and to leave authorized comments. Moreover, you can optionally close comments for non-registered users. And there is plugins that can hide comments and posts from prefered users.

Permitted html tags

In fact, not everyone is evil, so keep those who are in check by limiting html tags which are allowed on your website. The default html tags allowed by WordPress is a good choice, because the people who use html tags in their comments, can put at risk the safety of your server or data.


WordPress provides a range of moderation options in order to control disturbers. You can control the following:

  • All comments before they appear on your website.
  • Comments that were posted from specific IP address.
  • Comments that contain specific words.
  • Comments with a great number of links.

These moderation options will help you to control spammers and disturbers.


WordPress can keep you informed every time when there is a new comment awaiting moderation by sending to you an email.

License, Platform, and Philosophy

WordPress is licensed with the GPLv2, which gives its users the following freedoms :

  • The freedom to run the program for any aim.
  • The freedom to examine the program, and change it in order to make it do what you want.
  • The freedom to distribute your modified version.

PHP (5.2.4 or newer) and MySQL (5.0.2 or newer) are needed.


WordPress’s development is directed by the hard-bitten principles, and those are:

  • Ready to work just out of the box
  • Design for the Majority
  • Only Solutions not Options
  • Clean, Lean, and Mean
  • Simplicity is the key
  • Deadlines are not Arbitrary
  • Be Mindful of the Vocal Minority
  • The WordPress Bill of Rights

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