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  1. Hi, I can not see the Facebook button in my Home page.

    With page builder I have create a Gallery/Portfolio on my home page, which shows the FB button perfect in the Portfolio’s Gallery. How to implement this button standard on my Home page or in the footer?!

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    Kind regards, Andy

    • Hi Andy,

      In order to add the Like button on the home page http://andylubertinaturephotography.nl/, it is necessary to add the following strings to the correct place in thr source code of the file responsible for generating this page:

      < ?php if ( function_exists( 'fcbkbttn_shortcode' ) ) echo fcbkbttn_shortcode(''); ?>


  2. I just noticed that the likes don’t increase across all the pages where the button exists. It seems to function independently of FB as well as the site pages. Something must not be set correctly in the admin. Furthermore, this button should be associated with the existing FB likes.

    • Hi Edwin,

      That’s right, the plugin displays the Like button on each page/post. When clicked, the Like is given to this very page/post. The functionality to display Likes to your page on FB is not available, as well as as the opportunity to increase this number by clicking on pages/posts of your site, but if you want you can order a paid customization and provide details.


  3. I like the button. Was wondering if the current FB likes could be displayed.

  4. Hi, I really liked this plugin but had just one feature I wasn’t able to configure. My current FB business page has 80+ likes. Once I added this plugin I was hoping the plugin would start the ‘like count’ on my business webpage from the number set on the business FB account page, but it does not. Is there a way to do this with your plugin? I know Facebook allows this integration with sourcecode on their developers help page, and I have used it that way before with iframes and html5. Thank you very much!

    • Hi Alex,

      Currently, our plugin works the following way – Like is given to a certain page/post on your site. If you want Like to be given to your page on Facebook, unfortunately, this functionality is not available, but if you want, you can order a paid customization and provide details.