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  1. Con los ojos cerrados said:

    No hace falta mirar tan lejos

    • Hi,

      We provide customer support only in English.


  2. Stuart Howard said:

    I want to add 3 x Facebook Likes buttons to 3 separate sections on the same page. When I do this I get the same number of likes on all 3 sections. Is this because it’s on the same page? Is it possible to have 3 buttons on the same page?

    • Hi Stuart,

      You can have any number of Like buttons, but as Like is given ti the whole page where all these buttons are located, the number of likes will be the same.
      Another variant – if there are several posts on the page, the number of likes will be displayed for each post.
      Please describe your requirements in more detail – why do you need several buttons on one page – and we will tell you if it is possible to customize the plugin in such a way. Since customization is a paid service, if the answer is positive, we will provide you with a quote.


  3. Hi,

    After a like has been given, there should appear a block with a thumbnail, a short description, a filed for comments and a Post to Facebook button. However, this does not work properly.
    Furthermore, how can I see who liked the gallery?

    Many thanks for your help.

    Kind regards,

  4. Why do you need the facebook Id there?

    • Hi,

      If you want to add the “my page” button, that will link to your page on facebook, it will be necessary to enter your ID. If you do not need this button, you can disable its display on the plugin settings page and it won’t be necessary to enter your ID.