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  1. Reinhardt J Røyset said:

    Hi. I enjoy being able to put a like and share button on my site. It seems, however, that the count for people sharing my site stops at 66. Is there an explanation or fix for that? I’m currently using the free version.

    With regards, Reinhardt.

    • Hi Reinhardt,

      We visited your site and saw number 66. Then we tried to click on the share button and the number changed for 67 and we encountered no problems. You can make sure by visiting your site.


  2. Anita Savio said:

    I’d like to have the Facebook button only on my home, not on my post (blog) pages. How can I do that? Thx.

    • Hi Anita,

      Please go to the plugin settings and in the Facebook Button Position section select the shortcode from the drop-down menu and insert [fb_button] to the text of the necessary page/post.


  3. The option to upload a “Custom Facebook Image” is gone. I saw the FAQ regarding this, which I pasted way below. The dropdown menu, however, only has the option for “Standard Facebook Image”.
    (The option was there once before. I tried to upload an image and was stopped because of the image size. Now the option is no longer in the dropdown.)

    Q How to change a Facebook Button icon

    A In WordPress admin panel go to “Settings”, find the Facebook Button Plugin settings page and choose one of the listed positions: Standard Facebook image or Custom Facebook image. Then click “Update Changes”.
    If you choose Custom Facebook image, you can upload your own picture. You should click “Choose file” and choose an image in your folder. Then click “Update Changes”.

    • Hi Kirk,

      It is likely that the plugin does not have enough permissions for access. Please check if 755 permissions are set to folders wp-content,
      plugins, facebook-button-plugin, upload, files, а также uploads, 2014, 07, In this case the script of the plugin will have enough rights to upload images. please use the following information suggested by wp – http://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_File_Permissions#Shared_Hosting_with_suexec


      • Thanks for the response Anna. I have no idea how to follow those directions. I have gone into the plugin code and searched for “755″ and found one occurrence. I then changed it to “775″. The menu option for upload a “Custom Facebook Image” that I am seeking did not magically appear. Any other suggestions?

        Below is the code that I marked to 775 from 755.

        if ( file_put_contents( $uploadDir["path"] . “/” . $zip_name[0] . “.zip”, file_get_contents( $url ) ) ) {
        @chmod( $uploadDir["path"] . “/” . $zip_name[0] . “.zip”, octdec( 775 ) );
        if ( class_exists( ‘ZipArchive’ ) ) {

  4. Michelle Doorey said:

    When I click on the Facebook like icon I get a ‘Page cannot be found’ message when it redirects to Facebook.
    What is the actual facebook ID I need to use? The page link or just the facebook page name?

    • Hi Michelle,

      What you need to insert in the id field is as follows: the words that go after https://www.facebook.com/ in the address bar of the browser when you go to your profile page or to your public page.
      If it doesn’t solve the problem, please provide a link to your page in facebook and we will tell you, what should be inserted in the id field.