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  1. scott Barbour said:

    If a person likes a post or a job or a page, where will that show up on facebook? There page I would imagine. is there any way to get that like over to my business page? http://www.facebook.com/10spotgigs


    • Hi Scott,

      Our plugin’s ‘likes’ will be displayed under “Likes Recently”.

      “is there any way to get that like over to my business page? http://www.facebook.com/10spotgigs” – It is impossible, because Like for a WordPress site is a Like of a certain URL, but not the page content. And on Facebook it’s Like of the content, not URL.


  2. We have had the FB like button on our pages and blogs for several months and all the sudden they are all gone. when I was investigating the issue on wordpress I saw the note that its time to purchase the pro version. Is the free download no longer free to us? where did all of our likes go?


    • Hi Kelly,

      “It’s time to upgrade your Facebook Like Button to PRO version!” – it is a banner informing you of the possibility to go pro, which advantages you can find here http://bestwebsoft.com/plugin/facebook-like-button-pro it could not affect the work of your plugin.
      Currently the button is not displayed and we cannot see the number of likes.
      If the problem is in the button displaying – go to the plugin settings page and in the Html tag for Like Button: block switch for

      and check if the button will be displayed.
      If the problem was in the number of likes and you deactivated the plugin, there could be some problems on Facebook. Please activate the plugin and check.
      You can also check the number of likes the following way:

      Copy your post URL in the address line, go to https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/like-button/ and paste your link to “URL to like”.
      Remove focus from the field by clicking outside the “URL to like” filed.
      You will see the number of likes.


  3. Hashim Naushahi said:

    This might be a very stupid question. But I’m new to all this. Where do I add the shortcode? For instance, if I want the button to appear before every post, where should I put the shortcode?

    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Hashim,

      If you want the button to be displayed before every post, there is no need in using the shortcode. It is enough to go to the plugin settings page (Dashbaord->BWS Plugins->Facebook Button Pro) and select “Before” in the “Facebook Button Position:” block.
      You should use the shortcode if you want the button to be displayed in the widget, in order to do that it is necessary to create an empty widget and insert the shortcode in it.


  4. It would be nice if there was a way for us to see on one page or in a report which products were liked and how many times. Is that or will it ever be an easy option – without having to pay for special programming or coding?

    • Hi Darius,

      Unfortunately, this functionality is not available. It is necessary to make changes to the code of the plugin. If you want, you can order a paid customization and provide details.