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wordpress for money

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms which you can use to create a website, blog or other internet projects to earn money. You can not only use your site as an information or entertaining resource but as a mean of the additional income source as well.

There are a lot of efficient ways which can help you to make money with WordPress and now we will consider 15 profitable methods:

1. Create your website

The first thing that comes to mind about WordPress – is to create a website which will allow you to provide any products or services which are in-demand and attract many clients to your site.

2. Become a WordPress consultant

If you understand the way WordPress works and you have necessary skills, you can offer consulting services about site creation, themes customization, plugins development and so on. One of the aspects of business improvement – is a feedback which is very important for the site promotion because the more positive comments you get, the more clients will use your services.

3. Try Google AdSense

With Google AdSense plugin, you have 2 options to make money. The first one is to use PPC advertisements, which will bring you the money every time someone clicks on the ads on your site. Secondly, you can sell ads directly. In this case, the process takes more time to manage but the result is even more beneficial.

 4. Use Affiliate Marketing to earn money

The principle of affiliate marketing consists of products or services recommendations to your clients, who can follow the tracking links on your site. After the client makes a purchase by using your link, you get a referral commission.

5. Create and sell plugins

Plugin – is a software component which helps you to expand the functionality of your site by adding extra features. If you have sufficient knowledge and you can create a product which solves user’s problems. Such plugin will be in-demand and well paid.

6. Offer you writing services

If you have good writing skills you can write and sell articles on different topics and thereby helping the people who are in need of quality content. It would be useful to keep your best works on the special page on the site so the potential employers could evaluate your competence.

7. Write sponsored reviews

You can promote a product by writing a review where you will describe its advantages. The more visitors you have on your site, the more advertisers you can attract and make more sponsorship deals.

8. Create and sell WordPress websites

If you’re good at sites building you can easily make money by helping customers to start their project. Create a website, install the theme and plugins and let your clients enjoy the result.

9. Customize themes and offer your services

Themes customization is a good way to make money for developers who have the necessary skills. Anyone can install a theme, but only a few are able to customize it for their purposes, so it’s a great chance for you to give a hand and make a wide client base for future orders.

10. Make a paid membership

You can limit the access to special content which would be paid, so the visitors who want to take a look at it will have to spend some cash. In this way, they become premium users and this kind of VIP zone can be a source of instant income if you’ll try to constantly please your audience with unique and quality content.

11.  Help the beginners to run their WordPress blog

Providing blog setup services you can attract a lot of people who want blogging but who have no idea how to do it. Offer your knowledge and skills and create a WordPress blog, install a theme and plugins so the customer would be happy with your work.

12. Design your graphics and sell them

Being a good designer you can create graphics which are in-demand, for example, logos for companies. You can also use some eCommerce plugins or marketplaces like Envato to sell your graphics faster.

13. Shoot and sell online lessons or courses

If you are an expert in some area and you’d like to share your knowledge with people, so you probably thought about making online courses. It’s a good way to make money especially if you already have an audience and good trust level.

14. Run a paid webinar

A webinar is a perfect mean of setting a communication with your audience. Online broadcasting allows you not only to inform your clients but also to answer the questions in real time and to consider all aspects of a product or service.

15. Establish your business and sell your product

Creating an online store is one of the most efficient ways to get money on the internet, but you have to work hard because there is a lot of work to do: invent an idea, realize the product, advertise it and make your own loyal audience.


   WordPress provides a lot of opportunities for those who seek success and try to make money online by using and offering their knowledge, product or services. If you have creativity, passion, and persistence you will be able to create a profitable project which will become a base for future achievements and prosperous career.


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