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The logo is something that the client sees first. While creating it, the designer has many complicated tasks – to represent a company, its purpose, and motto, and to make a pattern that will be simple and outstanding at the same time. With skills and good advice, you will be able to create a perfect logo, just follow the article!

1. Be simple

The logo is the face of a company, which means that it has to be associated with the organization. The simpler it is, the better. Some logos consist of a couple of lines, but the right design makes them special and outstanding. Try to work in black and white to keep it easy for you to see how the logo will look on the documents. Also, it is very important to work in a vector to scale the image without any problems.

2. Be unique

Fashion is a good thing to follow if you want to be trendy for a short time. When it comes to a logo, you want to make it relevant for as long as possible, because usually, designers’ services are expensive. In addition, a stable image saves more clients by influencing their visual memory. Trends can easily become outdated and there will be a need to create a new logo.

3. Add some personality

Before making a logo, you should think about the information that clients can learn from it. Colors and shapes really matter. Search for meanings of different patterns and how they are taken by human’s eye. Try to imagine the picture that is associated with the name of the company or its business.

Think about how you, as a designer, can show that you have created it. Your task is to make a logo with some modern and minimalistic design, so don’t get too obsessed with the idea of creating a beautiful, but a complicated picture.

4. Work with colors carefully

Of course, your logo can be colorful, but don’t get too obsessed with the gradients and shadows. As we have mentioned earlier, the less the better. Maybe, you can try to create a logo with only one or two colors. Though it seems strange, but usually simple pictures attract more people than the detailed ones.

5. A font can be simple

This problem is quite common. While trying to create something completely new, designers use fancy uppercase fonts. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as you can read what is written. Simple fonts, like Arial or Times New Roman, are familiar to almost everyone. Our brain likes to feel smart, so when we see something what we already know, it attracts our attention. This is how pop songs and other things work.

Feel free to use any type you want, just try to choose only one, because sometimes the combination of several fonts looks tasteless and cheap.

6. Add the name of the company

Many famous brands started with the logotype, which contained the company’s name and a picture. Now corporations such as Apple, Twitter or Nike don’t have to write – it’s enough to see the specific apple icon to know about the creators of a certain product. If you are not sure that your company is very famous, create a logo with the inscription. You can always change the logo later.

7. Don’t be afraid to give a message

If you think that a simple logo is something you don’t see for the company, then try to make it elegant and laconic. For example, the Ferrari logo can’t be called minimalistic, but it has no unnecessary details, too – everything that you see on it means something. Complex pictures can be used for prestigious companies to show their greatness. For a broad range of clients, it is better to create something simple.

8. Be flexible

Sometimes your logo has to be square, sometimes horizontal. Think about several formats for your logotype. If it consists of an icon, simply add the name of the company. Be ready to use it on different surfaces in different sizes.

9. Don’t be a copycat

There is no person who could guarantee that after creating a logo that will look exactly the same as that of another company, you will succeed. There are only two outcomes in this situation: your work won’t be noticed among all the other similar designs or there will be a plagiarism scandal. Neither of these options is desirable, is it?

10. Don’t be afraid

People make mistakes. Even if your logo won’t be timeless, you can always modify it. For example, Google’s logotype used to be awful. But with the time it has changed and now it looks relevant and recognizable. The design concept has been maintained for decades, only updated.

Final thoughts

Creating the logotype may seem like a simple task – just write the name of the company and come up with some idea of an icon. But this is just the top of an iceberg. It requires work with fonts, colors, and shapes. These tips can help you, but you don’t have to strictly follow them. It is up to you because any rules can’t force you to be less creative and if you want to do something that is not considered a trendy logo – just do it! We are sure that if you make something simple, laconic and symbolic, it will be outstanding and recognizable!

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