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It often happens that we create a website and later realize that it has to change to meet the customer’s needs.


At the first attempt, we cannot clearly define what our customers want from us. People change, demands change, trends vary. The world does not stand still, and we should move with the times.

Here are 7 essential re-design tips, which will help you to make your website better.

1. Perform Interview

As experience shows, the discussion of such issue with the client and his team gives a positive result. You may ask how they see your project, what they want to change, the way they see it in the future. You can also record the conversation in the video or audio format in order to take notes, or just to refresh their comments in your memory.

Performing interviews we have seen how great it is! Our inspiration and motivation had no end! You will have the possibility to look at the project from a different angle. It will give you new ideas and opportunities. Listening to or watching this interview, you can emphasize the main ideas, points, a new vision of an old project.

In our case, we had to change the data submission so that people could feel the same as we do.

2. Define the key requirements

Before starting our work on the redesign, we made a summary of how we see the project in the future. It helps to keep everyone on the same wavelength. We made changes in this project brief in order to see the working stage at that time.

Here are some key questions that will help you to create the layout of your redesign project.

  • What is our aim?
  • How can we determine that we have achieved the stated objectives?
  • What do we need to do in order to achieve the desired result?
  • Why do we need these changes?
  • What will be useful for us?
  • Who is our target audience?
  • How will they know about the project?
  • What time period do we have for doing this work?

3. Create Competitive Analysis

Do not forget that there are other companies and projects such as yours. Make a list of competitors, study it. Next, examine the companies and corporations that are engaged in eCommerce and have the same target audience.

We did a comparative analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of our competitors. It is necessary to clearly understand the necessary actions needed to achieve the desired success.

4. Define Information Architecture

Information Architecture – it’s how you place your website content, making it more understandable and simple. Speaking about web design, the website structure implies the location of the structural diagrams so that the site screens will give you the best overview of all components.

We advise you to do the following steps: make the structure diagram of the old site version and deduce the connection between all screens. Estimate the method of content exposition, define the main goals and traffic before carrying out the redesign and modernization. Such diagram will help you to focus on the problem to solve and will be some kind of plan for follow-up.

5. Create Wireframes

Use the wireframes during a website redesign. It will help you to focus on the problem and find the ways of solution. You can make sketches anywhere: on the boards, online, share them with your team in person and via the Internet.

The advantage of such wireframes is that they will help you to write site content. If it’s performed in the document format it may look like the naked outline of the facts. It’ll be hard to imagine how all components will look at the final stage of work. Also, it will help you to clearly understand how all content components will relate to each other.

6. Visualize Your Ideas

Visualization is an excellent method to show your vision of the new design. Visualization on boards or posters will inspire you and your team, they will see what they work for and why they do it.

You can make a few boards that will belong to a certain type of work or website components. For example, one such board or poster will be linked to the scrolling, the other to fonts, graphic palette, images, etc.

We have made sketches of the ideas on the posters, then made changes, added new information, improved. We didn’t lose our ideas, they were all the time in front of the eyes. We moved from good to great, we modernized design and tried to do everything in the same style.

7. Create Mockups and Prototypes

Of course: ideas, sketches, and drafts are well, but only in the initial stages. The ideas expounded in the paper form are already behind the times, especially regarding web design and website redesign. You should experience user’s feelings and understand them. It is better to try once than twice to see or three times to hear.

From the early stages develop interactive prototypes of your website. You can give these prototypes to your team, also you can share them with customers. Do this until the site is be developed and coded.

Always keep in touch with your customers, be interested in their thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and comments. Such feedback from your potential buyers will help you to identify weaknesses in your project, to stress problems and hence to accelerate your website completion.

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