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Your blog is not just a website. It is much, much more! It is a mirror of your ideas and thoughts. If to speak about WordPress, there are the very best habits of highly effective WordPress publishers, which will make your blog really popular. We have tried many recipes for success and we can suggest some of them.


The following information will be useful for a newbie blogger, however, you will find new, interesting information, even if you have been running a blog for a while as well.

Be Creative

Use your experience. Great aspect of WordPress is that you can work with it even if you are not a coder or designer. WP allows to deal with it relatively quickly. A bunch of plugins and themes are available to help you to create a website you always wanted. Also, there are a great number of tutorials on almost anything you may want to learn about WordPress.  It just takes a proactive mindset. The brilliance of WordPress is that any person can manage it.

Imagine The End Result

Think about WordPress as an instrument to achieve your goals.

Why do you launch a WordPress website?

  • Are you looking for some changes in your life?
  • Do you want to create an online business?
  • Maybe, you want to have an online diary?
  • Do you need to build your audience for your future online business?
  • Are you looking for ecommerce site?

The possible list of answers can be endless. You just need to know yours. It is essential to keep the end result in mind. And don’t ever change it! You may change your plans, objectives or goals. Nimbleness is important in this case. However, you should keep in your mind the potential end in order to know the way you are going.

Yes, it can be daunting for some people to launch a WordPress website. However, starting with the end in mind will help you make the right decisions — initial website design, host choice and domain name. Already decided? Great!

Now you can launch your WordPress site!

First Things First

Evaluate your strategy, priorities and create a plan. Once you have launched your website, the next step is to determine the further direction. This is where it is essential to define your priorities.

Please note that strong sides of WordPress could easily become be its weak sides.

For e.g, if your site is content-focused, then there is no need to pay much attention on how images are displayed. However, if your website is focused on displaying high-resolution galleries, then it will be important to think about a plugin, which will be able to provide it. There are a great amount of plugins, however, your time is limited, so you should pick the best ones.

First of all, any site should be protected from spam or in other case you will get an avalanche of spam messages. Captcha plugin will not take much time for customization, but it will provide strong and effective anti-spam system.

So planning, prioritizing and making strategic shifts where necessary, will help to minimize efforts and make the time spent more efficient.

Think Positively

Build your online community. If you ever want to receive, you should learn to give. That is the main thing of any business! Pay it forward. It is a cliche but it really works. For e.g., when we wanted to gain exposure for our website, we knew we needed to get links from more established, bigger sites. Simple emailing article links didn’t bring the desired results. 

But when we started linking to other companies` themes and plugins, and then emailing the site owners to commend him/her for creating a great product (without mentioning anything about ours), they have become much more receptive to the links we send in the future. So it is a win-win situation, since we promoted other companies, and they promoted ours. This issue can be applied to anything, including the community of your website.

Each time when someone comments on your blog post, that is a little win for you. And it is a win for the commenter, if you respond a comment or provide some additional information. It looks like a rolling snowball and it will encourage other people to comment. This concept can be also applied to WordPress as well.

A variety of great plugins that provide real value for users are available for free or for small fees. Link to the plugin developer, donate to them, thank them publicly or do anything to show your appreciation for their products.

Firstly Try To Understand, Then To Be Understood

Build a client-focused mindset. Do not underestimate the importance of listening. Your audience will help you determine the way your business should go. That is why try to build an audience before you build a business. Remember, you are selling a product to your readers, even if you are not going to sell anything using your WordPress website. The product is your content!

If you understand what your customers want, you will create an appropriate design and prepare a targeting content. WordPress makes this part as easy as possible, so you can focus on the customers needs.

Combine Conquer and Competencies

WordPress is wonderful from the perspective of productive and simple learning. But that certainly is not enough. There are a bunch of WordPress online tutorials to show you how to do almost any WordPress related stuff. However, they all require some time. The same concept can be applied to design, SEO and landing pages as well. So pay attention when implementing your WordPress strategy.

Constantly Improve Your Skills

WordPress is a constantly growing community, so you should do the same. For e.g., each new WordPress update provides new useful features. Every day there are a new insight information on blogs like ours that will make you better WordPress publisher and user. There are always skills to acquire and something new to learn so if you are prioritized, objective-focused and proactive, if you listen and think positively, then you will definitely achieve any goals.

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