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Many especially novice bloggers are wondering how to increase blog traffic. We will try to give you important tips in this article.

The most common mistake newbie webmasters make is that many of them try to quickly reach over 500 visitors a day to their blog, but It is almost impossible without proper promotion. Blogging is one of the most underrated sources of traffic. Often blogging is done for show, without analyzing what can be improved.

Reasons for Low Blog or Website Traffic

Low traffic to blogs or sites has several root causes:

1. Poor design

The usability depends on the number of visitors who return to the site repeatedly, which affects the overall traffic.

2. Low site speed

Users don’t like to wait long for the page to load. If pages on your web site loading for a long time, you need to work on it.

3. Lack of adaptive design

If you don’t think about smartphone users, you lose about half of the targeted visitors. Therefore, it is important to ensure design responsiveness when promoting a blog or website.

4. SEO rejection

It’s important to increase your search visibility. If this is not done, then only those users who already know the website address, as well as those who attracted by advertising and other paid channels, will get to your blog.

5. Low-quality content

An important thing in creating content is keeping in mind the interests of the reader, to ensure ease of reading and high informative value. If the article is written for search bots, then you can’t count on high traffic.

6. The blog is new

For new blogs, it is always more difficult to increase positions in search results. Therefore, the best solution, in this case, is to pay attention to traffic channels, in addition to SEO, slowly increasing the link weight of the site.

The Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

Let’s look at some basic ways to increase your blog traffic.

1. You need to decide who is your target audience

You need to know what audience your blog is designed for. How old is the user, what is his income, what is his profession, does he have children, etc. All this will help you publish posts that are interesting not only to you but also to people who can possibly read them.

2. Your content got to be useful

If the text is interesting, more people will read it. It has always been so. In the days of print newspapers, the best publicists had their columns in the best newspapers. In the days of the Internet, such publicists do not need print media. Write interestingly about the things in which you are a pro. Avoid boring topics, write concisely, competently and on topic, do research on the latest news on your topics. Be trending.

3. Make a redesign

How the visitor perceives the blog depends on the visual design. If the design is very outdated or looks worse than analogs, then users will not stay on it. But if you already have a regular audience, then it is important not to scare it off with an updated design, because not everyone likes changing the old familiar design. Do not be afraid to bring something new. Try to keep the style, but look modern. But it’s worth considering that a complete redesign will take a lot of time, in many cases, you can just make a facelift.

4. Use contextual advertising

In this case, it all depends on how many material resources you want to invest in your blog. This tool allows you to quickly provide many site visits through advertising in the search results for keywords. Advertising will appear not only in search engines but also in sites included in their advertising network. Do not make your advertising budget too large. If the blog is empty or uninteresting, people who come through advertising links will not become your regular visitors.

5. Add media to your posts

Today, more and more space on the Internet is captured by media content. Add videos, pictures, audio, and other audio graphic materials. Modern video editors are easy to use, so creating a tutorial, podcast, video blog will not be difficult. The video itself is better to upload to YouTube and post a link to it on the blog. Thus, you can successfully combine text and video material. If your audience will like this format, you can completely switch to media content over time.

6. Add comment feature

Let the people who read the blog talk to each other, discuss a topic, point out errors, ask a question to the author. This approach gives visitors an additional incentive to visit the site, just to discuss interesting topics. 

7. Make bright headlines

The headlines should evoke vivid emotions; it can be laughter, despondency, tears, anger. Pay attention to news sites whose headlines always shout about their importance, they urge you to visit the site, read the news, share, and discuss it. The headline is always important because this is the first thing readers see when they look at the article.

8. Learn the basics of SEO

SEO is a stable source of traffic. After the optimization is stopped, the traffic from the search does not begin to decrease by itself. But it is important to remember that competitors are also engaged in optimizing their own resources, and over time, you can be shifted from high positions. Therefore, the only reliable way to keep search traffic is to regularly improve your blog.

9. Increase website speed 

Increasing speed is not always an easy task. Optimization takes a lot of time. Often you have to compromise. But the result is worth it. Users, among other things, will choose a site that will work quickly and functionally. Try to remove unnecessary items, buttons, and upload lower-resolution images.

10. Add internal links

After creating a great article or post, be sure to add one or two links leading to other articles on your blog. This is called internal links. Why ask other sites to post your posts on their site, if you can do it on your own? This is also important for Google, this way the search engine understands the connection between the articles on your site. If there are no internal links in old posts, you can add it. It is better to add links to new posts in older ones.

11. Use social network power

There are many social networks on the internet for all kinds of users. Use their capabilities to their full potential. Add social media buttons that fit your blog type. With this, you can give people additional opportunities to express interest in your posts or articles. For different types of blogs, different social networks are suitable. Linkedin is suitable for a blog about work; Instagram is suitable for a blog about cosmetics or clothes. We recommend using our excellent social media plugin “Social Buttons Pack” for WordPress which adds Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest buttons, badges, and widgets to your blog. After installation, you can easily customize settings, change the appearance, and add social buttons to your pages, posts, and widgets. 


The secret to success is simple. Create good content, work on the design and site speed, follow current trends, let people express their emotions with the help of social media and comments. Also do not forget to work on SEO. We hope that these tips will help you achieve your goals.

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