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HTML and PSD templates are a great solution for users who have little time or small budget but want to have a great design on their sites. A lot of markets offer tons of these templates for free or for a nominal price. But what is the difference and how to use them?

PSD template is a graphic project created with Adobe Photoshop. This software works perfectly for the design-to-code process. The folder with template contains. PSD files which can be opened with Adobe Photoshop and, sometimes, Adobe Photoshop Elements.

The pages of the template have all visual elements of the site – layout, background, images and more, but there is no CSS or HTML included.

The main feature of files with such extension is that during files saving you save each separate layer with all their aspects like color spaces, masks, transparency and more. You can work with these pages modifying the design as you need. In the case of PSD templates, each layer of each file has a different element for the website – header, navigation, forms, logo, and so on.

So, in simple terms, PSD template is a graphic design which can be modified according to your needs, but which has no functionality. In order to make the design function as a website, it is necessary to code its files into HTML.

HTML template is also a graphic project with the ready design which contains already coded webpages. Usually, pages are built with HTML and CSS code, so images and other objects may be embedded into the rendered pages. You can edit the template with any code editor in order to change its structure if necessary and organize the content (links, social media, contact info, etc.).

When all files are edited and the content is added, you can upload the template using FTP to your own hosted domain.

Of course, if you want to work with these templates, you should have some programming skills and understand how HTML/CSS works.

Also, you should note: with HTML template you can build a static website only (business card website, for example) since these templates have no functionality, like connecting with databases, displaying search results, data sending and proceeding, etc. So if you need a dynamic website, it is also necessary to develop its functionality additionally.

As you can see, using web templates is a great solution if you want to have a great design and save money. However, in both cases, it is necessary to have some understanding of the area and programming skills. And if you have some difficulties with that, you can hire a specialist and be confident in the 100% outcome.

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