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Community Support Needed

Dear Users,

We urgently bring to your attention a matter of great significance. On December 7th, our WordPress plugins were temporarily disabled on WordPress.org due to the unavailability of our email address. Swift actions were taken, successfully resolving the email issue, with prompt notification sent to WordPress.

Regrettably, the WordPress team’s response has been limited, leading to delays in resolving the matter. Additional inquiries have been directed to plugins@wordpress.org for expeditious resolution. Unfortunately, as of December 8th, no further responses or guidance have been received.

We express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued use of our products. As a modest team based in Ukraine, persisting through the ongoing challenges presented by the war, we remain committed to product enhancement. We have undertaken all necessary actions outlined by WordPress, but the complexity of the directives poses a significant challenge to the timely restoration of all plugins.

Dear users, if you can contribute to the swift recovery of our products, we kindly request you to create forum threads on WordPress, advocating for the reinstatement of our plugins. Alternatively, any insights or suggestions on effective communication channels with the WordPress team would be immensely appreciated. For direct communication and your ideas, please reach out to support@bestwebsoft.com.

We sincerely thank you for your understanding and support during this challenging period.

Best regards,

BestWebSoft Team

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