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When a person thinks about software development it usually goes about coding and debugging. But it is only the top of an iceberg. 

When it goes about the professional team, that is in love with the deal they do – then it is a long and hard process that is aimed to give the world a product for everyone, with every education level. 

Make it so easy to configure, that makes it intuitive for all the users – no difference is a professional developer or just an owner of a small WordPress blog.  

Besides the hard work of our team to find the right words and the best design, that guides the users through the setting from the most important ones to the appearance option, we have created some additional steps to help you find the solution for every case you might have.

There are:

  • Detailed User Guides;
  • Professional Support Team; 
  • Help-articles to Solve the Common Issues;
  • Video Guides and Step-By-Step Instructions.

Let us lead you through this and show the benefits of using it.

Detailed User Guides

Our team keeps nose to the grindstone to do the most reliable documentation for every product.

The detailed instructions contain the fully-describable option definition, that would help you to understand the way the option works and how you must set it for the best implementation results and the most suitable needs. 

You can easily find the option you have difficulties with, and manage the issue in a short period of time. 

What is more – our User Guides contain the full information about the product with screenshots, that highlights the needed actions to set the function up.

Last but not least – we keep the instructions updated, no matter how big it is or how the new version of the product changes the appearance. 

Be sure, if you need the assistance – you will receive it. 

Professional Support Team

Need help in creating the unique appearance of the page? Or find some option that is hard to configure? Just ask our support specialist and find the solution quickly and easily.

The BestWebSoft`s Support Team is a crew of experienced developers who are always ready to share their knowledge and thoughts among the people. 

They know every our plugin better than they know themselves. The hard-working skills and altruistic mood is what they all have in common. 

Every month our support team solves a greater amount of issues and leaves behind just satisfied users. So do not be afraid to ask for some help – you will get more and save our time and nerves. All the pains – are ours!  

Help Articles to Solve the Common Issue

It might happen that the problem is a bit deeper than the simple settings. The compatibility issues, configuration problems, or simply a question and you don’t have time to write the letter to the support team. 

We have a ready-made solution for those questions! The articles on Zendesk Help Center are aimed to answer the most common questions the clients face to prevent some similar issues in the future. 

Our developers and testers are working on every question and give the optimal solution for the problem, so trust us – it is better to try.  

Video Guides and Step-By-Step Instructions

The epoch shows more and more examples that multimedia is also important

To stay up with trends we continue the creation of video content to make it more comfortable for you to follow and check the instructions we made.

You can easily find the needed video and complete the steps that are mentioned there for the installation or even for the setup of one of the products. 

Just watch and follow – no need to fight it alone!


The BestWebSoft team is always ready to help the client to get the best and the most from the plugins or other products they use.

It is very important for us to do the best we can for you and your business. 

Stay well and safe. Good luck!

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