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why wordpress is better than wix

WordPress and Wix are the main competitors in site building and each platform has its pros and cons, so it’s not so obvious which one is better. Nevertheless, there are several advantages that make WordPress more preferable and perspective for the website creating as opposed to Wix.

In the first place comes the flexibility and openness of WordPress which means that if you have a programming or coding skills you can create plugins and themes which could be offered for free or sold for a reasonable price. It is profitable not only for the developers but for the users as well because considering the huge number of plugins and themes it’s not a big deal to find the appropriate ones for your own purposes and demands.

The design opportunities is another significant feature in favor of WordPress because there are a lot of themes both free and paid, so you can always choose between the availability and expanded functionality. Also, there are many categories which will help to choose a theme according to the website’s direction, whether it is a small blog or large eCommerce site. Besides, it is worth noting that you can always switch the theme and Wix users don’t have such an opportunity, so they are forced to use the first theme they picked.

The third important advantage of WordPress is an ability to run your own eCommerce website and it is super easy and reasonably priced, especially if you use WooCommerce which is used to power more than 42% of total amount of eCommerce websites in the whole world. By the way, there is a big list of special themes and plugins which will provide you with a great functionality, settings flexibility and a high-level comfort for your customers.

Undoubtedly, the battle between WordPress and Wix is completely justified because both solutions are worthy and quality, but if you want to get a powerful and great customizable platform with a lot of tools and opportunities that allow you to start your business or blog, WordPress is definitely your choice.

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