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In the modern world, websites are becoming more and more personalized. Old-fashioned standalone sites with a single contact page soon will become just a memory. Users want to be in touch with website owners, get answers to their questions in the fastest possible way and get high-quality technical support. It’s all about great customer service. Great services mean major popularity and clear brand reputation. Treat your customers great and they’ll promote your website for you. Some of your users may want to leave feedback you can use to improve your product even more. As an additional bonus, clients really adore when you listen to their opinion so your website will become even more popular and the company’s reputation will continue to grow.

On the other hand, poor client support and unreachable managers can harm your website and create a negative opinion towards your brand. Thus, it can be quite tough work to create user-friendly forms and interfaces and bring the website’s customer service to a higher level. Gladly, contact forms are the tool you can use to successfully complete this important task. In this article, we’ll cover 3 great contact form suites you can use to create an outstanding functional contact form your users will appreciate.

Ninja Forms

This plugin isn’t really focused only on contact forms. It’s more like a multi-tool for designing and deploying basically every form you may desire. One of the greatest Ninja Forms’ features is a form submission via AJAX. It’s the option to continue using the website after submitting the forms without page refreshing. You are able to break up your contact form into smaller parts to make it less intimidating. This tool looks elegant and fancy on every well-designed theme but you can always improve the visuals even more, just use CSS.

Ninja Forms can use up to 40 add-ons to extend the plugin’s functionality. They are various so you can choose a suitable tool to perfectly fit your needs. The whole list of add-ons is available on the official webpage.

Contact Form by BestWebSoft

The plugin is a great solution to receive various messages from customers right to your email address. It’s perfect to boost the customer service of your company and continuously stay in touch with your clients. This is a great way to show how great you treat your customers.

Contact forms, represented by the plugin are fully responsive, customizable and easy to deploy. Just a single shortcode will place the forms into your post, page or widget. This plugin also allows attaching files to messages. You are also able to protect your website from spam using additional company’s plugins such as Captcha or reCaptcha.

Although, you can always upgrade to the Pro version and enable even more handy features for your contact form, e.g. editable tooltips or placeholders. Also, you’ll be able to set default text for subject and message input fields; enable auto response option with a custom message. Use exclusive add-ons such as Contact Form Multi or Contact Form to DB to completely extend the functionality. The first add-on is an easy RTL (Right-to-left) ready solution for adding an unlimited number of contact forms to your website. And Contact Form to DB will help you to automatically save all your contact forms submits to a remote database so that you are not afraid of losing any important information. It also allows you to quickly search, view, delete, download, and re-send messages right from your WordPress admin dashboard.

Contact Form by WPForms

The plugin is an easy drag-and-drop form builder for your website. Create multi-page contact forms, use file uploads, or choose other most popular form fields you may ever need. You are able to integrate the contact form you’ve created with an email marketing service or collect payments for orders or booking. The plugin is easy to install, fast to understand and convenient to create a basically every form you may want to be represented on your website, including contact forms to boost your website conversions and improve the customer service.

Final Thoughts

You should never underestimate the profits contact forms can bring to your website. Nowadays, they are used to establish the connection between the company and users and improve the overall customer service of the website. Contact forms are great as subscription feedback forms. Furthermore, you can implement contact-based forms as online consulting and technical support for your customers. Although contact forms can be useful, never overload your web page with these elements. Choose the appropriate place and appearance to improve your website’s design and capabilities, but don’t annoy users with forms they don’t want to see.

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